July 15, 2020

You can spend the lockdown either binging on Netflix, cooking and eating every dessert, OR come out of it looking and feeling fabulous and fit. We dig the latter hands down, especially when you can exercise at home. If you’ve been dreaming of a perfect beach body, there are endless home exercises to lose weight and even if you love your body just the way it is, that’s no reason to not get moving. When it comes to busting stress and feeling your absolute best self, exercise at home is the way to go. 

But now that you are ready to exercise at home, might as well post about it on Instagram, right? And look cute while you do it. Your home workout clothes do not have to be oversized t-shirts with holes in them but clothes you can attend zoom calls in or go for a grocery run in, simply because of how comfortable and fashionable they are. Not just that, we’re bringing some bomb home workout tips to make sure that you come out of quarantine with your dream body. 

Whether you’re a yoga freak or worship the cardi Gods, we’ve got something for everyone!

Whether you’re a yoga freak or worship the cardi Gods, we’ve got something for everyone!

Yoga As a Way of Life

Whether you want to do your surya namaskaras right in the morning or stretch your muscles in the middle of the day, yoga outfits can be super comfy clothes that you don’t have to change out of after working out. Ladies, choose a light, soft sports bra  that you can laze around in all day and cotton joggers  that are easy to move around in. Need to go out for groceries? Just throw on a lightweight t-shirt . 

Gentlemen, for easy stretching and movement, choose a smart pair of joggers  and add a cap  if you’re stepping out. Make sure you’ve got a yoga mat right next to your work desk. Poses like balasana, bitilasana and paschimottanasana are some quick back exercises at home to release that pesky lower back ache.

Low intensity Workouts for Beginners

 One of our most preached home exercise tips is to move a little and move everyday instead of going all Rambo on your first day. Low intensity workouts are great to get your heart racing without tiring yourself out. Girls, a pair of cotton leggings  have the perfect amount of stretch for performing leg exercises at home like lunges and donkey kicks. Make your workout t-shirt fun  by making a knot and converting a basic tee into a tied up crop top. Choose a medium support sports bra and don’t forget sports shoesto avoid an injury. 

Guys, choose a quick-dry t-shirt  to keep you cool and comfortable and a pair of shorts  for maximum movement and minimum discomfort. Choose a pair of sturdy sports shoes.  If you are going out for a run, a sports watch is a must-have to track your progress!

Workout Like a Pro

Home workout exercises do not have to be beginner level only and if you’re ready to take it to the next level, all you need is some motivation and workout equipment to perform leg, abs and back exercises at home.Ladies, choose a high support, padded sports bra  for maximum comfort and super stretchy tights that assist leg exercises at home. Fortunately, sneakers are the biggest trend right now and we can’t wait to style this pastel pair of sports shoes  for not just exercise at home, but going out as well! 

For men, a fitted sports t-shirt shows off all those gains while a pair of track pants with pockets is so handy when you have to carry your phone. We’re loving leather sports shoes  right now instead of the usual ones because why not make a statement while you do those home workout exercises? Remember, even at home workout exercises can be really intense so have a bottle  next to you at all times and keep hydrating!

Lockdown has been the perfect time to exercise at home because when would we otherwise get all this free time? Athleisure became a trend for a reason so make sure your workout outfits are not limited to the exercise mat. When you’re sweating buckets and pushing yourself so hard, might as well reward yourself with some new gear, right? Work those finger muscles and head to Shoppers Stop website for a one stop activewear shopping spree.

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