Here Are The 5 Expected Home Décor Trends in 2020
January 15, 2020

The fun part about the new year isn’t just trying to be a newer, better version of yourself. It’s also giving your home a fresh, fun look. While there are so many home décor trends to pick from, make sure you try something new and trendy while making sure that it fits your aesthetic. Before you make that choice, look at these home décor trends that are going to be all the rage in 2020.

1. Indulge In Some Throwback With Vintage Accents

Here Are The 5 Expected Home Décor Trends in 2020

It may be 2020 now, but home décor from the early 1900s is back in style. This means wooden flooring, floral wallpaper and designs, upholstered furniture, and tables and chairs with spooled legs. But remember to pick only one or two statement vintage accents. For instance, in your living room, add vintage floral cushions and curtains while keeping the rest of the aesthetic minimalistic.

2. Brightly-Coloured Cabinets For Pops Of Colour

Here Are The 5 Expected Home Décor Trends in 2020

An all-white kitchen is a classic, but it can also get quite bland. In 2020, having brightly coloured kitchen cabinets is the way to go. Think pastel colours such as light blue or pistachio green. This décor trend instantly adds a pop of colour in your kitchen and attracts attention so the rest of your kitchen décor can be minimalist. If you can get a set of pots and pans that match the cabinets’ colour, then you can hang them for added emphasis.

3. High-Contrast Décor To Add Some Brightness

Here Are The 5 Expected Home Décor Trends in 2020

This year, it’s time to give your interiors a high-contrast spin. This décor trend adds depth, creates balance and makes an impact. Mix colours – white walls in the kitchen contrasted with black cabinets. Mix materials – natural pieces like wooden furniture with metallic showpieces. Make sure you keep the contrasting theme constant throughout the home for a more consistent aesthetic.

4. Earthy Tones For A Grounded Feel

Here Are The 5 Expected Home Décor Trends in 2020

While cool tones ruled the home décor space until recently, it’s time to bid them goodbye and to welcome earth tones. Earth tones like yellow ochre, chocolate brown, olive green and wine add warmth and can be used for walls, sofas or the dining table. For example, you can pair your blue walls with a brown sofa and wall accents in deep yellow for this trend.

5. Fun Bathroom Designs

Here Are The 5 Expected Home Décor Trends in 2020

Home décor trends in 2020 have moved on from fun kitchen designs to fun bathroom ones. From the sink mirror and lighting to the walls and shower mats, you can experiment with bold colours and unique designs. Think a classic oval mirror with a dull gold frame to get started. You can also change up your bathroom organisers to more quirky ones or if you’re up for it, change the tiles in your bathroom for a completely new look!

If you’re inspired with some of these 2020 trends but don’t want to go through major home re-furnishing or painting, pick smaller, more doable home décor items to get started. Check the Shoppers Stop online or in-store collection to get shopping! If you’re into the sustainable décor trend, read our blog on 8 Sustainable Home Décor Tips For A Greener Home.

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