June 20, 2018

The selfie revolution is surely taking the world by storm and nobody wants to be left behind. Be it kids, youngsters or adults, it’s all about getting a shot worth a hit on the like button!

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid give us some major selfie goals. And we’re glad to say, getting those flawless selfies aren’t a far-fetched dream.

With just a few selfie hacks, you too can ace the game!

Light Up

Get-the-Right-Light_Selfie Guide

There’s not much that can beat a selfie in natural light. Hit the outdoors for a sun-kissed look and you won’t be disappointed! Alternately, you could opt for warm lighting and set base at the balcony when you’re ready to snap!

The Angle-dom

Take-Care-of-The-Angle_Selfie Guide

Discovering the right angle for taking a selfie can work wonders. Settle for one which enhances your best facial features. So, whether your favourite is the head tilt selfie or a one taken from above, stick to it for mind-blowing shots every single time.

Make-Up On Point

Makeup-Will-Do-the-Trick_Selfie Guide

A bright lip or dramatic eyes will make your selfie exclusive. Don’t hesitate to define those eyebrows or channel the model in you with minimally contoured features. And it’s incomplete without a variation in poses and gestures. Fetch those Instagram likes in a jiffy with an arched eyebrow or dreamy, hand-on-chin pose.

Back It Up

A-Good-Background-Is-Key_Selfie Guide

Though your face will remain the highlight of your selfie, the selfie background too plays an important role. A natural background is always a winner. Steer clear of messy, unorganized rooms; if it’s indoors, click against clutter-free, bright or neutral walls. And remember, unusual, out-of-the-box backgrounds are bound to grab eyeballs, so don’t hesitate to capture with your cute pet in the backyard or a shoal of fish on your scuba diving adventure!

Accessorise It

Throw-in-an-Accessory-or-Two_Selfie Guide

Want to flaunt your new sunnies? Just selfie it! An accessory like a hat, earrings, or a pair of sunglasses could add a whole new dimension to your selfie. What’s more? If you’re having a bad skin or hair day, shift your front camera focus to that new watch you bought or a statement necklace you can’t stop gushing about! Occasionally taking this approach will make you seem like you have an eye for aesthetics!

Add The Cute Factor, Sometimes

Add The Cute Factor_Selfie Guide

Pouts and contoured faces may be all the rage in selfiedom. But if you want to give your profile that humane, adorable touch and have your followers go ‘aww’, be cute! Smile or grin from ear-to-ear, bring your pup on board or simply close your eyes and stick your tongue out with your best friend, there are a million ways to try!


Statement Top

If you’re a fashion trends spotter, be the first to be the trendsetter too! Try that statement top you bought or a pair of boots that cannot wait to be unboxed. And if your face and outfit don’t fit in the same frame, it’s perfectly alright to exclude your face from the selfie.

Keep these tricks in mind and your perfect selfie will only be a step away! Start by prepping. Get your makeup on-point, a few statement accessories, and trendy apparel before you go click-click!

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