August 29, 2016

India is a country that is too excited over a few sports such as cricket and football and indifferent about the others. We therefore acknowledge the rise of a new obsession sweeping across the nation, mostly among the youth – Extreme Sports. Seen as a sign of rebellion, extreme sports are finding their way into today’s teen lives.

Skateboarding, BMX Biking and Inline Skating
These three sports are often grouped together as they are the ones played on the same location consisting of specialized ramps and are associated with the urban youth culture.
These ramps are mostly of two types. In a professional stadium, a Vert ramp is fitted for expert athletes. It can be as high as 15 feet and is mainly useful for displaying specialized aerial tricks that require a high momentum.
A smaller ramp, often called a mini ramp, can be fitted in your backyard. It’s basically the smaller version of the Vert ramp that aspiring kids can use without much risk. There are also multiple versions of skateboard ramps that kids can use.

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Extreme Sports in India
Though skateboarding is only a decade old in the country, roller skating had existed even before that. Inline skating is simply a more extreme version of roller skating, whereas MBX riding is still at its infancy.
At present, in India, there are over 11 skate spots or parks built to accommodate professional contests. Among these, Play Arena in Bangalore, FreeMotion Sk8 Park in New Delhi, Cirrus at Anjuna in Goa, and JVPD in Mumbai are most famous.
Every year, multiple competitions and special events are organised across the nation to encourage children. You can now easily find an organisation like the Asian Federation of Extreme Sports (AXF), that invites international players to show a few cool tricks and provide guidance to the local youth.

Skater Street Style
With the rise of a new sub-culture within various cities, extreme sports have developed its own street style. Since its origin, extreme sports were ignored as hobbies of rule-breakers and rebellious children. As such, rather than developing specialized sportswear, regular street clothes were preferred. Hence, what you can describe a skater street style is simply a remnant of the urban lifestyle of 90’s USA.
A typical skater street style is generally gender neutral and includes a five-panel or snapback hat with high-top shoes. Hoodies are also preferred by many if not the oversized tees, along with a pair of loose jeans or trousers.
You must have noticed the highly stylized versions of skater street style apparels across various cities. This is a result of the new generation youth adopting the extreme sports lifestyle, often associated with the free spirit and turning it into an urban fashion statement.

So, this National Sports Day could be your chance to embrace the sports spirit. Get street style ready and brace yourself with proper safety gear, because it’s time to go extreme!

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