August 30, 2016

We are officially transitioning into winter. The last four months are always festive and what with new year approaching after that it’s going to be one big party. Here are a few key trends you should look at to end your year with a bang.

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Sequins Through-n-Through – Sequins has a very special place in every fashionistas heart! It’s not just meant to be worn to glitzy cocktail parties or fancy dinners at New Year’s. From now on, you can casually shine from top to bottom and do so all day long! Everything with sequins is a wardrobe staple for all party goers.

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Graphic Black & White – It’s rather comforting to wear a clean artless, simple black and white outfit, particularly if it’s designed into rational lines, grids, and pleasing vertical stripes. This vivid combination is a quickest and easiest way to look bold and sharp with just one item.

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Slick Vinyl – While leather is much loved for fall, with a glossy finish to it, you can achieve a sexier; more rock-chic type of the trend that’s certainly not for the introvert kind who shy away from too much attention. So, if you want something more unconventional, sensual and darker, glossy vinyl is a perfect choice for you.

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Breton Strips – Classic go-to pattern that has rocked the boat for years as a ageless design. Nautical style doesn’t have to be limited to the beach or pool parties.  These classic bands of color can be worn all winter long! A hot trend this year!

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Pastel Colors – Sugary sweet shades like candy floss pink, baby blue and spring chick yellow might not exactly be the festive color choices everyone opts for, but is surely a welcome change from the more strong shades of summer. So let’s paint the bridge between summer and fall with these gorgeous Marshmallow hues.

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Velvet Touch You may think that velvet has its place only in the 70’s, well, the truth is it hasn’t gone out of fashion this year. Velvet is indeed one of the most lavish and expensive material available, and it created quite an impression at the runway, adding a dash of variability to already feminine silhouettes. Societal gatherings look all the more rich with velvet designs accentuating your figure.

From show-stopping sequins to all things velvet, that’s what is trending this fall. Stock your wardrobe and get ready to groove this season.

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