Fashion Or ‘Faux’ Pas?
September 20, 2019

Most fashionistas swear by their leather accessories such as handbags, wallets, belts, shoes, and even leather straps for their watches. Leather jackets, too, are considered an all-time fashion favourite and are unlikely to ever go out of style. The beautiful finish and lasting quality of this material make it ideal for use in multiple forms, and a hot favourite amongst both fashion designers as well as consumers.

But did you know that leather actually comes in two variants? You have real leather, and you have fake or faux leather. The biggest point of distinction between the two is that real leather is made from the hides of animals like cattle, buffalo and oxen. However, faux leather is made using a plastic base, which is then treated with substances like dye, wax or polyurethane to give a leather-like colour and texture to the material.

Since real leather is made using animal hides, each piece of leather is unique, since no two hides are the same. Genuine leather bears a signature look and feel, such as scars and veins which bear testament to its authenticity. Faux leather usually has a cleaner finish due to its synthetic nature while genuine leather usually looks more distinct due to the inconsistent marks it bears. 

Genuine leather is also more long-lasting than faux leather. If you buy good quality leather products, they might even last you your entire lifetime. Another interesting aspect of leather is that, like good wine, it becomes better with age – So, don’t be surprised to see your leather bag looking good even after years of use!

While faux leather products are less durable, they are also much easier on the pocket, adding to their popularity. Faux leather products are cheaper and more widely available than genuine leather products as they are mass-produced. They are also available in a larger variety of colours, making them a more appealing option, especially amongst the younger crowd.

Many experts can also distinguish genuine leather from faux leather simply by its smell and appearance. Real leather tends to smell musty, like skin, but faux leather will smell like plastic. So, the next time you are out leather shopping, try a smell test to ensure you buy what is authentic. Genuine leather products should ideally be purchased only from credible retailers to avoid being duped or getting a sub-standard product.

Ultimately, the decision to buy real leather or faux leather is yours. If you are looking for a product that will last you for years to come and capture the attention of everyone around you with its classy look and feel, you should certainly opt for genuine leather. On the other hand, you can opt for faux leather if you don’t want to use animal products or are looking for something that fits in your budget.

No matter what you choose, you can browse through a wide collection of both real leather and faux leather products at Shoppers Stop. Whether in the large stores located across the country or on the website and app, you are sure to find lasting items that you’ll love. For some tips on how to take care of your leather possessions this monsoon season, check out or blog on Monsoon Care For Your Clothes And Footwear.

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