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March 27, 2019

Summer is all about soaking in some vitamin D, lazy afternoons spent sipping on coolers with friends, and evenings by the beach. Whether your take on beating the heat is by renewing your swimming club membership or with a ticket to the movies, don’t ignore the summer style staples.

We bring you some cool summer fashion tips which will not only help you breeze through the hot weather effortlessly, but also give those around you some major wardrobe goals! Read on to know what’s in store for summer fashion 2019-

Cool And Breezy Fabrics

Col and Breezy Fabrics

Sure a pair of shorts and a tank top is one of the most sought after choices during the summer. But a flowy maxi dress is one of those summer fashion trends that will help you stand out.

With less fabric clinging to your body as you go about your day, this outfit will make you feel more comfortable and sweat less. So, a Summer fashion tip to keep in mind is to select loose, breathable fabrics instead of tight, synthetic ones.

Stow away all the rayon and polyester clothing from the winter collection in the back of your closet and bring out the cotton! Cotton is great for summers as it is breathable, absorbs sweat, and dries faster.

Replace denim with light, linen pants and shorts for a chic and comfortable look. Natural fabrics minus the sweaty, clingy clothing equals a more confident you and that’s what summer fashion 2019 is all about!

Fresh Outfits And Summery Hues

Fresh Outfits and Summery Hues

For summer fashion 2019, white is hands-down the best colour you can adorn. An all-white summer dress or a white, off-shoulder cotton top will ensure heads turn wherever you go, and keep your body cool.

Opt for light colours like pastels, creams, and whites, which dispel heat instead of absorbing it. Trending colours of this season include blush pink, coral, peach, powder blue, and moss green, which are both, fashionable and ideal for the warm climate.

Go for natural fabrics, but also keep the fit and structure of your outfit in mind. A boxy top, embroidered cotton, loose sleeves, and cold shoulders are ideal options for this season. These can ensure that they don’t stick to your body the minute you start sweating.

Headscarves And Hats

Headscarves and Hats

A tasteful summer fashion trend that never goes out of style is the colourful headscarf. While summer attire protects your body from the heat, these stylish scarves help you keep your head cool.

With a dozen chic ways to drape a scarf around your neck and head, it’s a good idea to pick up a few printed and colour-block scarves for this season. Another way to avoid the sun is to wear a hat or a funky cap. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and keep a lightweight, woven scarf in your bag to stay cool and stylish as you head out.

Summer Accessories And Minimalist Makeup

Summer Accessories and Minimalist Makeup

Go minimal on your make-up during the summer to prevent your pores from getting clogged. Keep your skin hydrated with a serum, and use lip tints instead of crème lipsticks to avoid the heaviness.

Style your outfit with light accessories that complement the clothes you are wearing and amp up your fashion quotient. Sunglasses are a must on a hot summer day and will prove to be a saviour in the glaring sun.

Try pairing different style of shades with different outfits to keep the fun factor alive. Summer fashion 2019 is incomplete without a pair of sunglasses, and the summer fashion trends include wayfarerscat-eyes, and the classic aviators.

Moving on to bags, the last thing you want on a hot sunny day is a heavy backpack or a bulky tote making you sweat. If there’s anything we learnt from Marie Kondo, it’s how much of a difference tidying up can make, and this doesn’t have to be restricted to your room.

Clear the clutter KonMari style and opt for a smart crossbody or sling bag, which is the latest women’s summer fashion, to hold your essentials.

Oversized Outfits, Flattering Shorts, And Cool Shoes

Oversized Outfits, Flattering Shorts and Cool Shoes

Ladies, now is the time to raid your partner’s closet! Oversized shirts, loose tees, caps, and baggy boyfriend jeans– basically anything oversized can easily pass for this addition to the latest women’s summer fashion. You can also opt for kaftans, which are not only lightweight but also look super chic.

Gents, shorts are the coolest and the latest in men’s summer fashion trends. So, team them with a relaxed tee or a casual shirt, and you are good to go! Don’t restrict them to just the beach; a pair of cotton or linen shorts can be worn for a formal party or evening get-together as well.

A pair of loafers or white sneakers will prove to be one of your best accessories when it comes to the latest summer fashion trends. Another footwear staple that will add an instant summer vibe to your wardrobe is a pair of sliders, which come in a variety of summer colours and prints.

We hope these summer fashion tips and tricks help you enjoy your summer to the fullest! Head to the nearest Shoppers Stop store or check out our online collection to stock up on the latest summer fashion for 2019!

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