Fashion Tips To Follow This Monsoon
July 4, 2019

Monsoon is a welcome change from the heat of summer. However, heavy downpour, damp streets and muddy puddles can throw up a challenge while dressing up. Denim gets wet, tops take longer to dry, and heels get damaged, but this does not mean that we have limited options. 

If you confused about picking outfits that can withstand the rain and still make you look fashionable, here is your monsoon style guide. This monsoon, embrace the minimalist look! Minimalise your apparel, make-up and accessories and continue to look stylish, despite the gloomy weather.

Monsoon Fashion Guide:

Go Short

It’s time to flaunt your dresses yet again. You can wear midi dresses, shirt dress, wraparounds, maxis, tunics, drawstring dress and even flounce skirts. Since these dresses are short, they ‘won’t get wet or dirty when you walk on puddled roads. Also, if they get soaked, they are easy to dry.

Pick The Right Fabric

Pack up your silk, synthetic, denim, and corduroys as they will weigh you down. The rainy season calls for the return of cotton and polyester. These fabrics are lightweight, airy, comfortable and most importantly, they dry quickly.

You can wear tops or dresses made of cotton and polyester. If you prefer an ethnic look, cotton kurtis teamed up with leggings can be your go-to outfit. Cotton dresses with short hemlines are also a great option.

The Right Bottoms

Your top priority while picking up a monsoon outfit is to make sure that the material does not take too long to dry. Jeans are our favourite bottoms; however, they cause a lot of inconvenience during rains. They soak up a lot of water and take longer to dry. Imagine sitting at your workplace or classroom in a pair of drenched jeans- it can be quite uncomfortable. 

Loose fitting culottes and palazzo pants are your best friends this season. Choose one made from cotton as they dry quickly and are light on the skin. They have been in fashion for a while now and look great with crop tops, tunics and even short and long kurtas. So, if you are going for an ethnic look, avoid salwars and patialas and instead opt for culottes and palazzo pants as they suit the weather and will make you look stylish.

Time For Stoles

Put away your long dupattas as they can be hard to manage while travelling in the rain. Replace them with vibrant looking scarves and stoles but make sure that the colours ‘don’t bleed as they might ruin your outfit during a downpour.  

Dark Colours For A Dark Sky

Light coloured clothes, especially white, can turn transparent during the rain. They can also be difficult to wash if soiled with muddy water. Hence, opt for dark coloured clothes that ‘won’t show stains easily. Dark clothes are also better as will keep you warm while travelling during the monsoon.

Monsoon-Friendly Footwear

The biggest hurdle that one faces during monsoon is travel. The task of braving the rain can be made much easier with the right kind pair of footwear. So, stay away from heels and stilettoes, as they will not only get spoilt in the rain but will also cripple your movements. Even leather, velvet and suede shoes should be avoided. You ‘don’t want to harm your favourite pair of shoes, do you?

Greet the rains with slip-on, flip-flops, ballerinas and open sandals. These are easy to manage during the rain, as they ‘don’t absorb to much water and dry fast. They also go well with both ethnic and western outfits. However, if you like taking long walks outdoors or riding a bike during the rain, flip-flops may not be a wise decision as your feet will get dirty. For those of you who like playing outdoor activities during the rain, crocs, jelly shoes and gumboots are an ideal option. And if you are wearing running shoes, make sure to have water resistant socks.

Trendy Hoodies

‘There’s nothing better than a raincoat! They will offer you complete protection, from head to toe. However, if you are not fond of raincoats, you can opt for water jackets, trench coats and hoodies. Crop hoodies are in fashion now; they protect your head and hands from the rain without covering too much of your outfit. Crop hoodies look great when worn with kurtis as well. And the best part about a hoodie is that you can wear it with absolutely anything!

Accessorise Less

While accessories help to elevate an outfit, keep away from heavy metal accessories this monsoon as they may get wet and cause skin irritation. So minimalise your accessories with just a pair of studs, a lightweight chain and a waterproof watch.

Bag It

Make sure you carry the right bag during monsoon to protect your valuables from the rain and ensure that your tote bags have a zipper. Pick nylon or polyester bags over leather handbags as they are a better option for the rain. If you are taking a backpack, make sure it is water resistant.

Light Make-Up

Taking care of your skin is very important during monsoon. When it comes to applying make-up, go for a natural and soft look that will prevent your skin from getting oily. Choose gel-based face creams and foundations as they will keep your skin hydrated. Use a waterproof eyeliner, kajal and mascara so that it ‘doesn’t get washed away by the rain.

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

Never shy away from carrying an umbrella that is big enough to protect you even from torrential rains. Pick an umbrella in vibrant colours with cool patterns or quirky designs. If carrying an umbrella is inconvenient for you, there are a variety of foldable and compact umbrellas that you can easily carry in bags.

Make sure that you are monsoon-ready with these handy tips! Following them will ensure that you look stylish even when it is pouring. You can shop for these and more at Shoppers Stop online and at the retail store.

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