October 15, 2020

Wondering how to pick the right sunglasses? The strategy is simple. Accentuate your best features! And to figure out what your best features are, you need to understand your face shape. It’s not rocket science, we promise. Just look in the mirror, at the three parts of your face–forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and then the length of your face. Then figure out the widest part of your face. If it’s your cheekbones, you’ve got a round face. If you’ve got a strong jawline, you probably have a square face but if your jawline comes to a point, that’s a heart. If you’ve got a wide forehead with a long face, you’re the lucky oval face! If everything seems roughly the same width and you’ve got a long face, that’s an oblong shape.

Now that you’ve put a shape to your face, use this guide to find the perfect pair of sunglasses best suited to your face type. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting our carefully curated guide to solve all your sunglass grievances.

Soft Circles: Round

Since we don’t want to be accentuating the round, full features, we’ll stay away from circles and stick to angular features. For men, the perfect sunglasses for a round face are aviators and we love these silver metal framed aviators which are topping the men’s accessories trends right now. For women, upswept frames such as cat eyes are great sunglasses for a round face as they accentuate curvy cheeks without making them look wider. We’re loving the retro vibe in this pair of full rim glasses in gold and brown!

Jawline Gods: Square

Soft lines and rounded corners are your best friend to soften the hard angles of your face. In sunglasses for men, these grey round glasses are a trendy option and the neutral tones will make for a great everyday pair. For women, these coloured frames  in a gorgeous pink will draw attention away from the square shape and the round frames will flatten the sharp angles. 

The Lucky Ones: Oval

The Gods have been kind to you because when it comes to an oval face, it’s really hard to go wrong with sunglasses. So, choose literally anything, as long as it isn’t wider than your face. The hexagon shape  is so in trend right now and looks great on men, especially if it has a subtle hint of colour. Retro is the way to go for sunglasses for women so make your sunglasses the focus of your outfit with these full rim retro square sunglasses.

We Heart It: Heart

Got a narrow chin? Stay away from oversized glasses and stick to square frames, adding some unique angles to add a layer of visual interest. These square sunglasses for men are a super unique pick with the transparent plastic frame and blue tint! For women, something that is just a tad bit wider than your forehead and has a rounded base is the way to go. Which means a pair of cat eye glasses  in this oh so pretty rose shade and a delicate pearl detailing.

Symmetrical Best: Oblong

The softer and rounder, the better. Easy, right? Wayfarer sunglasses are a great pick for men and this classic trend has remained a men’s accessory trend forever but we love the twist in this tortoiseshell frame and subtle gold accents. We’ve got an experimental pick for the ladies with these metal framed sunglasses with the lenses extending outside the frame. It’s bold, fun and as trendy as it gets! 

Figuring out how to pick sunglasses for your face shape is a two part activity. All you have to do is figure the face shape out, and we’ll handle the rest. Go to our website to select your favourites from our curation of the season’s trendiest sunglasses for women and men that you can flaunt everyday, on vacations and of course, for some Insta special moments! 

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