September 8, 2017

A beard is a popular accessory for men to flaunt and it can also be an extension of your personality. Growing a beard is like giving yourself a new look. It is an amazing experience to grow your facial hair and experiment with different beard styles. All you need is some care and maintenance to sport these looks.


Wear The All-Time-Favourite: Stubble

A stubble requires minimum maintenance and is easy to carry off. If you have been sporting a clean shaven look revamp it by growing some stubble. Initially the stubble may be itchy, use a soothing product to reduce it.


For The Detailed Look: The Designer Stubble

If you want to experiment with a rugged look which is neat at the same time, then a designer stubble is the solution. This style requires frequent upkeep and a trimmer would be a great tool to achieve a new look, every day.


The Neat Short Beard

If your workplace demands a neat look, then a short beard is a great style to carry off. This extension of a stubble requires trimming and shaving on a regular basis. Wear this short and neat look to enhance your face.


The Global Trending Style: A Full Grown Beard

The full grown beard is a global trending style that is often accompanied with a man bun. This hipster-look is great for the messy and brilliant mind.  This unkempt look may require some care and trimming to ensure it grows well.


The ‘Goatee’ Beard

The goatee or circle beard is a common style sported by men. The circle beard is a chin strap with a moustache that meet to form a round shape. This look requires precision and frequent trimming.

Go ahead, experiment with these styles and sport a new you, every day.

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