Fragrant Forever!

August 16, 2016

Who doesn’t like perfumes? In fact we love the so much that most of us end up spending a fortune every month on new fragrances. One big problem all of us face and we are sure you do too is that perfumes don’t seem to last for a long time on your skin. People try and test different ways to make their perfumes last longer. Some turn out to be hits while others duds! If you want the scent to last longer, here are a few tips you can try.

Apply perfume right after you shower
A hot shower will not only relax you but open up your pores as well. Open pores will soak up all the perfume and make it last longer! This could be your top way to make your perfume last longer.

Moisturize your skin
You should never apply perfume on dry skin. Moisturize your skin before applying any perfume. The moisturizer will absorb your perfume making it last much longer.

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Don’t rub your wrists together
People often rub their wrists after applying perfume. But that will not make it last longer. Rubbing your wrists will actually break up the perfume molecules, making it fade faster. Simply apply the perfume and let the scent seep in your skin.


Apply at pulse point
Always spray your perfume on your pulse points. Dab the perfume behind your ears, on both wrists and along the throat. This will eliminate the need to reapply your perfume.

Choose strong base notes
Base notes are perfumes with dramatic fragrance that last for a long time. Choose them if you want your perfume to last really long. Pine, patchouli, vanilla and musk are some of the best base note fragrances.

Spray on hairbrush
Want to smell the fragrance every time you move? Want your hair to smell fresh and good between washes? Spray the perfume of your choice on your hairbrush and run it through your hair. This way you will smell fresh throughout the day!

Layer fragrances
Layering fragrances is also a good option to make your perfume last longer. A combination of body mist, perfume and shampoo or body wash on your skin will keep you smelling like a bouquet of flowers throughout the day. Be careful about how many products you combine. You want a subtle combination and not an overpowering draft.

Apply before you get dressed
The molecules in a perfume are activated by heat and chemical reactions when they come in contact with your body. The most effective way of using it is by spraying it on your body. Perfumes, many a times, also stain your clothes which are very difficult to remove.

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Protect your perfume
Your perfume can go bad. Heat and direct sunlight can degrade the ingredients, fading its scent.  As written in instructions in all packaging, store your perfumes in cool and dry conditions.

Keep your perfume bottle six inches away from the area you want to spray on for equal distribution.

Using a moisturizer with the same scent as your perfume is a bonus.
Use these tips to always smell great and be at the top of your game. What other tricks do you have?

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