December 18, 2018

Remember how excited you were as a kid during the Christmas holidays? Bring back the fun days of childhood this winter with a make-and-bake session. Include your little one in the cooking spree as well. Being with your kids, taking help from their little hands and seeing them enjoy while you prepare their favourites during Christmas is a heavenly feeling for parents.

Here’s our top picks for Christmas treats that you can easily prepare with your little one.


Cookies_Christmas treats

A treat that is tasty, easy-to-make and easy-to-store – cookies are everyone’s favourite baked snacks. Find some simple Christmas cookie recipes, and see your little bundle of joy gasp in wonder by printing a sweet message on the cookie with a cookie stamper.


Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken_Christmas treats

A slice of juicy and succulent roast chicken is an integral part of Christmas baking recipes. To balance cooking while attending to the mischief of your toddler, invest in a lightweight, durable, and easily manoeuvrable serving tray.


 Fruit Cakes

Fruit Cakes_Christmas treats

A must-have in the list of snacks for Christmas, fruit cakes are the most commonly known among Christmas dessert recipes. An assortment of fruits, cake-making ingredients, a solid pan or a mould, and a little time, and be ready for a heart-warming smile on your little one’s face.



Cupcakes_Christmas treats

Find easy Christmas recipes online and bake cupcakes in moulds with your little one. Once the base is ready, flaunt your creativity with beautiful Christmas baking decorations. Present them in colourful cups and share a smile.



Pie_Christmas treats

Bake your kid’s Christmas snacks with a zest of orange. Your child will love an orange pie or pudding on the platter. You can also ask the older ones to contribute in mixing the dough with a kid-friendly blender.

Check online for kitchen appliances and bakeware that make cooking with kids easy, fun and safe.

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