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Gear Up For Olympics In Style!

July 28, 2016

The world is going crazy over the prospect of the upcoming Olympics! We are all set to cheer team India and have high hopes from all the heroes! But it’s not just going to be about sports in Rio. Fashion will be will be at the forefront as its biggest runway for sportswear opens up next month.

There is nothing wrong with showing off your love for your favourite team. And if you happen to be struck by sudden inspiration feel free to gear up yourselves and go out for a run/gym. With designers stepping up their games on the official uniforms, it’s time for you to do it too. Crank up the heat in the gym by going the trendy way. Show off your style in the most appealing sportswear of the season.

Here are our favourite workout pieces.

Sports Shoes : These are the most important part of your workout routine. Whether it is for running, sports or for the gym you get a choice of the latest shoes from some of the best brands from around the globe. Get the latest lace up trainers from Adidas, Puma, and Reebok etc. to pump up your energy!

Sweat Shirt : As the weather gets colder, this is one piece of clothing you will need! Step up your style quotient, hook up with comfort and roll with time as you put on this sweatshirt when you head out for a weekend to your local pub to cheer your for your fav team.


Track Pants : Push yourself to the boundary, be it’s on the field, gym, or while enjoying a relaxing day at home watching the game, these track pants will give you limitless movement along with a breathable lining perfect for pushing you to the next level in anything you do.

Sleeveless T-shirt : Rep a crowd-pleasing look that will surely put you in the spotlight, with this training companion that will keep you cool and dry even when the pace of the game is heating up.

Shorts : Showcase your loyalty to your favourite team with these trendy shorts. Get a comfortable and sporty look with these must-haves. Pair it with a cool t-shirt to look trendy and that’s good too.

Most people think that as long as they’ve got a stylish jersey on, they are good to go. But unfortunately, that’s definitely not it. Just like in other events of life, style tick does matter, even for a game night.

Get ready to cheer!



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