July 12, 2018

We’ve all been guilty of sporting a chipped, peeled off nail polish look more than a couple of times in our lifetime, haven’t we?

And while it feels like we’ve given up all hope on a good, lasting nail colour, we’re glad to quip – our prayers have finally been answered!

Gel Nail Polish is what everyone is excited about. The product is making headlines with its long-lasting feature. Just swipe on a coat and you’re set for the week, no changing or retouching the colour. And above all, no need to anticipate the chipped lacquer!

Here’s your guide to experimenting with the trend for glossy, super pigmented nails!

Accessorising Made Simple_Gel Nail Polish Art Ideas

Source: morihati.com

Accessorising Made Simple – The luxurious rose gold isn’t just for accessories. The colour knows how to lend its classy appeal to nail polish too! Particularly, if you aren’t a fan of accessories, but desire a pop of colour, a coat of rose gold or classic gold gel nail polish is glamour minus the chunk and glimmer. Paint up your nails and make them the only bling you need!

An Artistic 'Gradient'_Gel Nail Polish Art Ideas

Source: nailpolis.com

An Artistic ‘Gradient’ – Feeling a bit artsy? Get creative with your colour changing nail polish! The pretty gradient, ombre effect is one gel nail polish trend that’s doing the rounds. It can look anything from funky to classy, depending on your choice of colour. Our top shades to try this season include cool mint, popping pink, rich teal, and soothing lavender. Although it takes a bit of effort to create this one, the result would be worth it!

Nude-Tastic_Gel Nail Polish Art Ideas

Source: pinterest.nz

Nude-Tastic – If ‘minimalist’ best defines you, showcase this side of your personality with a set of nails set to refinement. Nude gel nail polish shades are all about clean, glossy, neat finishes that work perfectly as you transition from the boardroom to an evening outing! Paint all your nails in your favourite nude hue, or for a twist, give one nail a statement touch of bling with crystals or glitter tape. We call it – Nude-tastic!

A New Take On 'French Manicure'_Gel Nail Polish Art Ideas

Source: lovely.asia

A New Take On ‘French Manicure’ – With gel nail polish’s long-lasting feature, your lovely french manicures will look good as new for a long, long time. But why stick to the conventional? It’s time you tried something new, probably a french manicure with a colour palette that’s off the beaten track! If ‘gothic’ fascinates you, paint your nails in a rich shade of black with a long lasting nail polish. And here’s where the ‘french manicure’, so to speak, comes in. Skip the usual white and paint the tips of your nails in a dazzling silver hue!

Go Geometric_Gel Nail Polish Art Ideas

Source: bmodish.com

Go Geometric – Here’s a geometric take on your pretty finger nails. This ‘edgy’ gel nail art idea is the perfect weekend DIY assignment. Just pick a base coat, ideally a bright yellow and swipe it on. Once it dries, pick a gel nail polish in a contrasting colour and paint on funky shapes. Who knew geometry could be so much fun?

Gel nail polish is here for all those nail paint lovers who want their nails looking classy and chic every single day. So step up your nail game with these trendy gel nail paint ideas!

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