A Gentleman's Guide To Monsoon Suits
July 9, 2019

As monsoon rolls our way, it is a constant challenge to update our wardrobe with clothes that provide protection against the nip in the air as well as the humidity that the season often brings. This season presents an opportunity to imbibe a casual air into the formal dress code. It’s a time to experiment with different fabrics and choose the ones that help you feel relaxed and comfortable while making sure you’re dressed to the T for work. Here’s a gentleman’s guide to acing monsoon suits. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to dress completely casual. In fact, monsoon brings a completely new opportunity to dress formal, yet retain the casual tone of summer. Jazz up your personality by picking up tips from our list of suits men can flaunt in style during the monsoon season. Our simple guide will give you an idea of the perfect fit, fabric and colour to choose when it comes to suits. This includes texture, fit, weight, ventilation etc. In fact, these are the characteristics that determine the comfort level, the casual nature and the style quotient of suits. So, read on to find out all about the types of suits you should add to your wardrobe.

The Fit

Classic Fit


A classic fit suit offers not only a clutter-free silhouette but also an opportunity to let cool air pass through. This design is perfect if you aren’t habituated to wearing formal suits often. Moreover, if you like some stretch room in your suits, a classic fit is the way to go.

Modern Fit


It’s neither just classic nor just slim, but an amalgamation of both. Such a fit does not offer as much space as a classic fit; nor is it as sharply stitched as the slim fit. It is perfect if you want to look suave and sharp, without it being moulded to your body.

The Lining


If you’re looking to go for lining for your suits, a half-lined suit might be better than a fully-lined suit. This allows ventilation, as well as style since the half lining will make sure that the suit does not latch on to your shirt, and is breathable enough. However, keep in mind that this may lead to a subtle compromise with the suit’s structure.

The Fabric


Before anything else, you need to see if the fabric is comfortable since comfort is the first priority while choosing suits. Many men prefer cotton since it is the most comfortable material. However, you can also go in for linen, or a blend of linen and cotton. Wool too can be breathable and can make for well-ventilated suits while providing some protection against the slight chillness of the weather. Whatever fabric you choose, you need to make sure that you are comfortable in it. You should also look for a fabric that allows air to pass through since this will leave you feeling fresh. Let’s take a look at what each fabric offers when it comes to suits men can choose for the monsoon.



Linen often tops the list of men’s lightweight suits. Its most significant qualities are its light weight, breathability and its ability to wick off moisture to some extent, which is sure to come in handy during the monsoon. The visible weave is a texture that is typical to linen, and it offers great comfort. Since linen garments get wrinkled pretty easily, men may wear it in different ways. In general, wrinkled suits impart a sporty and casual look to men. Try a linen blend with wool or cotton to keep your suit free of wrinkles, while offering all the advantages of linen.



Cotton suits are the most preferred choice as it helps men exude their quintessential manly aura while allowing them to be comfortable and ready for their next assignment. For a refined casual look that sits just perfectly with the executive positions, you can go for the latest cotton suits.

Fresco wool


The mere mention of wool may just throw you off gear, right? Nevertheless, fresco wool is not just any other wool; it is the material of choice for the latest suits men can actually wear during the monsoon season. It is an Italian fabric which is made from twisted wool and multiple strands of yarn. However, what is significant about this fabric is its weave. It is an open weave that’s more like linen. Fresco wool fabric offers an airy, durable and comfortable fit while still protecting you from the change in weather this season. It is on the list of men’s lightweight suits that never fail to impress. What is really intriguing is that it has been designed specifically to allow maximum flow of air, whereas the structure of the yarn allows for a crisp feel.

It is the awesome combination of crispiness and comfort that has made Fresco fabric one of the most highly rated fabrics to use for your suits. It is lightweight too, so you can carry it off well. In fact, it is more desirable than cotton or linen, since it has the ability to wick away sweat and moisture, so go ahead and wear it during the dreaded monsoon showers!

The Colour


Colour is another important factor when you choose your suits. So, if you are going for cotton suits for the monsoon, the best colour to choose would be khaki. If you are stylish and fashionable and love trying out different colour combinations when it comes to suits, you may also try mild colours like baby blue to add to your latest suit collection. Other mild colour suits men may go for are beige and baby pink.

Men’s lightweight suits come in many fits, colours and fabrics. However, the most essential attributes when you pick out a suit are to make sure it has an airy and comfortable feel without compromising on the appeal of the suit. Check out Shoppers Stop Online for some of the best lightweight suits you can buy!

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