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July 22, 2019

Think stripes, and it isn’t uncommon for the mind to visualise referee and prison uniforms. Today, however, stripes have evolved to become a go-to in the fashion world.

Be it a bold stripe dress or the fresh and summery multi-coloured stripes on a cool crop top; they have become an essential addition to a well-curated wardrobe. And why not, we have a dozen creative ways to wear striped apparel using just the classic navy-and-white sailor stripes!

From the elegant pinstripes of formal pant-suits to the laid-back vibes of a red and white striped shirt paired with a sarong for a beach holiday, let us walk you through some fun ways to style striped apparel, and nail it!

All Eyes On The Trousers

All eyes on the trousers

Stripes instantly attract attention. Whether it is a boardroom meeting, presenting a pitch or brunch with your friends- all these are events where you can effortlessly pull off a pair of blue and white striped pants with élan.

The same pattern, when made in different materials and cuts, creates completely varying looks.

Wear vertically striped trousers to make your legs look slim and appear longer, or team a  striped bottom number with a solid, crew-neck crop top to be brunch-ready.

Head Out In A bold Striped Dress

Head out in a bold striped dress

The  striped dress has been around for some time now, in the form of shirt-dresses, T-shirt dresses, and lean maxi dresses.

But what if you wanted to take stripes to the next level? Multi-coloured stripes are your answer. These are versatile as the horizontal and vertical stripes both cast a slimming effect with their colour-play and accentuate your curves.

Head out to a party in a bold striped dress or stand out from the crowd in a sequined and striped bodycon dress. Throw on a contrasting jacket or loose-fit shrug for a casual yet chic look.

Create The Look With A Blazer

Create the look with a blazer

A classic pinstripe blazer can amp up any look, be it formal or contemporarily casual, so talking about these when it comes to striped apparelis a must.

Blazers are one of the most trendy styles right now, with celebs and influencers throwing them over dresses, jumpsuits, and shorts while pairing them with formal trousers.

While some common options include colour-block, blazers in bright, solid colours, and heavily embroidered loose-fit styles, choose to add a vertically striped blazer over a red and white striped shirt to create a bold, sophisticated look.

Minimalist Tape Detail

Minimalist Tape Detail

Minimalistic solids and eye-catching striped apparel are leading fashion trends, but what if you wanted a bit of both? Enter tape detail.

It blends the essence of colour-blocking with the emphasis of stripes, creating a single or multiple tape detail of contrasting colours on the side of trousers, jeans, sweatshirts, and dresses.

Team a pair of striped bottomwear with a black and white striped shirt, or a vertical striped dress with horizontal tape detail to keep it casual.

Double the Stripes

Double The Stripes

We’ve all heard about doubling the denim, but it requires skill and some boldness to successfully double the stripe.

One of the tricks to getting it right is to match vertical with horizontal or creating an optical illusion-like look by choosing a top and bottom with varying stripe sizes in the same colours.

Get a hold of this trend by wearing a striped blazer and pants with a plain T-shirt or wearing a vertical striped skirt with a slim fit men’s striped shirt for a bohemian look. This balances out the colours and makes you look fashion-forward, yet subtle.

Another great way to nail this look is by pairing  a striped top or dress with a blazer with contrasting stripes.

These are some trendy ways to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe.  And a  multitude of stripe styles, the styling options are aplenty too. Here’s your guide to making the cut in stripes with looks that evoke intrigue, awe, and sure shot nods!


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