August 1, 2019

Friendship Day or not, it’s always the right time to gift your best friend! They’ve been with you through thick and thin and giving them an occasional surprise will only help to strengthen your bond.

Purchasing best friend gifts is a no-brainer since you’d always know what your best friend would like. But it’s not uncommon to be in a dilemma, what with so many options to choose from!

 But we’ve given you a reason to smile by streamlining the best gifts for your best friend. Here’ the only list you’ll need!

The Beauty Hamper_Gifts For Your Best Friend



The Beauty Hamper – Skincare remains a top priority for women and if your friend loves pampering her skin, a beauty hamper is the way to go! Don’t hesitate to sneak in the sheet masks, the essential oils, and serums. For the fuss-free girls, pack in a bunch of luxury cleansers, moisturisers and face mists!

The LBD_Gifts For Your Best Friend


The LBD – ‘I have enough LBD’s’, said no woman ever! The little black dress is a wardrobe staple and having one for different occasions saves the day, every time. Surprise her by going for unique silhouettes, statement sleeves, and detailing; practically, styles that your best friend hasn’t added to her collection yet!

The Tinted Shades_Gifts For Your Best Friend


The Tinted Shades – Watch your friend see the world through rose coloured glasses; literally! Tinted glasses with the sharp design of matrix sunglasses, we have to admit, make the best combination. No doubt it’s the season’s hottest sunglass trend. She’ll love your bold choice of accessories!

The Casual Sneakers_Gifts For Your Best Friend


The Casual Sneakers – Be it boys or men, sneakers have always appealed to the masculine gender. A pair of casual white sneakers will take him a long way from dates to a day out with his buddies. He can even wear them with formals, taking a cue from the season’s headline-making athleisure trend!

The Flannel Shirt_Gifts For Your Best Friend


The Flannel Shirt – Flannel shirts are to a boy like a good A-line dress to a girl; it has everything going for it – comfort, style, and panache! The best part? Your best friend can never add enough flannels to his collection because there are countless styles to pick from. And, should we add, countless ways to style them too!

The Classic Watch_Gifts For Your Best Friend


The Classic Watch – The watch still remains a classic gift idea for friends. Men, in particular, simply vouch for their style and functionality. And, you won’t have to worry about whether your bestie likes it, because the obvious answer is, he would! Pick from timeless metallic designs or smart watches for the tech-savvy friend!

At the end of the day, it’s your best friend. So trust your choices and go buy that friendship day gift for your best friend!

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