June 11, 2018

Your BFF is turning a year old and you can’t help but contain the excitement. From being your constant support system to your 3 am buddy, your BFF is one of the most important people in your life. With them, it’s always you two against the world.
So whether it’s a guy or girl, your best friend deserves nothing than the best gift as they blow the candles. Need gift wrapping?
Let’s begin!

Face-Masks_BFF's Birthday

Face Masks– For the friend who obsesses over skin care, you have your path clear in terms of deciding a gift. We say, pick a luxurious face mask she’ll use for everything from slumber parties to post late-night hangovers.

Wrap-Dress_BFF's Birthday

Wrap Dress– Your fashionista friend would truly appreciate it if you indulged her sartorial side. Pick a chic wrap dress she’ll fall in love with at first sight. Whether it’s a date or a brunch, she’ll find every reason to flaunt this one!

Denim-Jacket_BFF's Birthday

Denim Jacket– A denim jacket has become a staple and there’s no way this one’s going off the shelves. This makes it an evergreen pick your friend can wear with everything from floral dresses to jumpsuits. To give your gift that edge, we suggest you pick a denim jacket with statement sleeves. Nothing like she’s seen before!

Statement-Earrings_BFF's Birthday

Statement Earrings– If your girl is high on accessorising, pick up a pair of statement earrings and watch her beam with joy. With the current trend of statement earrings setting in, she’ll love staying ahead of the game in this department.

Sunglasses_BFF's Birthday

Sunglasses– With the countless number of sunglass styles out there, let’s assume there’s at least one snazzy  style your BFF is missing in her closet. So, do some homework to know her current sunglasses collection before choosing from uber cool aviators, sunnies, wayfarers, and matrixs-style shades.

Crossbody_BFF's Birthday

Crossbody– Did you what’s the coolest in-thing for men? It’s fanny packs and cross body bags. While conventional back packs and laptop bags are great for the 9-5 grind, the crossbody is something he’ll look forward to carrying on those off-duty days. Change the gifting game with one of these cool packs now!

Blazer_BFF's Birthday

Blazer– If given a choice, men would own a thousand blazers. So why not add to your BFF’s indulgence with one more stylish addition. From dark blazers to slub ones, making the perfect gift out of this option isn’t a task!

Bomber-Jacket_BFF's Birthday

Bomber Jacket– For the guy who loves bowling over wine soirees, the perfect gift in the line-up is a bomber jacket. To be honest, the bomber is indeed explosive in every sense. Right from its cool street-style vibe to the ultra comfy label it holds, this one needs no introduction!

White-Graphic-T-shirt_BFF's Birthday

White Graphic T-shirt– We love white T-shirts, thanks to their versatility. But if you’re looking to make a gift out of this one, we suggest, you give one that stands out of the crowd. A white graphic tee is your best bet. With numerous t-shirts flaunting funky slogans and amazing graphics, there’s something that your BFF will certainly relate to.

Watch_BFF's Birthday

Watches – The watch still remains the quintessential gift for men. It’s been revered for its elegance just as it is for its functionality. Picking one is easy, with the countless strap styles and dials available. So, when in doubt, here’s the perfect option waiting to be gift wrapped!

Acknowledging your best friend’s presence in your life is a great way to show that you love them. These gift options for BFFs are timeless and a sure shot way to ensure they are even happier on their special day!

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