August 18, 2016

People often assume that when buying beauty products at department stores, price tags matters. Bigger the price tag, better the quality of ingredients. Aren’t they wrong? Most of us learn it the hard way. Beauty and personal care products in departments and general stores are full of chemicals, artificial junk and preservatives. Worst of all, they possible contain carcinogens.
Have you ever tried making your own beauty products? When you make your own beauty and personal care products, you know exactly what goes into the products. No chemical, no crap! Saving money is an added bonus too!

Having soft, smooth, kissable lips is a dream. And you can achieve that with a simple product, the lip scrub. Whip some brown sugar, coconut oil, raw honey and cinnamon powder together, store in a small jar and use it as often as you like. This scrub will gently exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated.

shutterstock_140890669Moving on to another part of your face, the doorway to your soul, the eyes. Now this is a makeup product that you can DIY. How cool is that? The combination of coconut oil, aloe-vera and activated charcoal will give you an intense black gel liner. Want a brown one? No worries. Replace the activated charcoal with cocoa powder.

Everyone wants that healthy, sun-kissed skin and what better product to achieve it than a bronzer? You can make your own bronzer using cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, nutmeg powder, arrowroot powder and lavender or rosemary essential oil. Skip the essential oil if you prefer loose powder bronzer.

Want to set your flawless makeup for the whole day? DIY setting spray to the rescue! Depending on your skin type, try combination of witch hazel, rose water and aloe-vera.

Always remove your makeup before sleeping. Makeup removing pads are very easy to use and highly effective. In a clean jar, mix coconut oil, Castile soap, distilled water and essential oil. Soak cotton pads in this solution. Use these pads to remove your makeup for a clean and nourished face.

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Started by the Koreans, lip stains are very much in trend right now. To avoid those chemicals, create your own using fruits, veggies, oil and glycerin. A great makeup tip! You can use these lip stains as cheek stains as well. Get that natural looking blush with nature’s goodies!

Another skin care product is the toner that gives you healthy and clear skin. Combination of various ingredients, like green tea, apple cider vinegar, rose buds, geranium essential oil depending on your skin type can be used to make a soothing toner with a relaxing fragrance.

Now that you know you can make many of your personal care and beauty products, raid your refrigerator or kitchen cupboard for some ingredients and rip out some DIY products!

If you are too lazy to make your own products and want to go for the ones that are already available then take care to choose the ones that are gentle on your skin.
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