September 4, 2017

Most people think that waking up with a great hair-day each morning is an urban myth. We are here to tell you that this doesn’t need to be so! No matter whether your hair is curly, wavy, dry or frizzy, healthy hair always looks beautiful. Adopt some healthy habits that will add bounce and shine to your locks.

Here are four golden rules that every woman must follow to have flawless hair every day.

Keep Your Hair Clean And Happy

“Washing your hair with hot water can strip your tresses of essential nutrients and leave it looking dull and lusterless. However, it is important to wash all the products out of your hair, as the build-up of chemicals can hamper the distribution of natural oils. Remember to always condition your hair and rinse it with cold water to keep it healthy. You can also use a dry shampoo to get rid of any dirt or products.


Restore The Moisture

If you use a lot of styling products, your hair will lose some of its moisture. It is important to restore the moisture by applying a repairing mask. This is a great way to give your treated locks that much needed lift. Also, repairing masks and deep-conditioning treatments can help revive damaged strands of the hair.


Revitalize With Oil Massages

A regular oil massage can help simulate the blood supply in the scalp as well as nourish it. Oils such as coconut and argan oil will help soothe the scalp and strengthen the hair shaft. This reduces the build up of frizz and gives your hair a gleam. Plus, it also decreases breakage and damage to the hair. After you oil your hair wrap it in a hot towel to get best results.


Choose The Right Styling Tools

For those who love to experiment with their hair styles, choosing the right straightener or curler is crucial! You need to choose a product that will not cause hair breakage or damage, but at the same will give you great looking locks. Your straightener should be made of ceramic, titanium or tourmaline, and shouldn’t have a very high temperature.  Also, going over the same section of hair multiple times can damage your hair. So be careful not to overdo it!

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Along with these tips, you need to also opt for healthy diet which compromises of omega-3, zinc, magnesium and other minerals that increase circulation and restore moisture. Keep these things in mind and you can ensure that you have a good hair day, every day.  It’s time for happy hair days again!

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