August 10, 2017

A beautifully organised living room has been at the top of your wish-list for ages, but somehow despite your attempts at cleaning, this space seems to get cluttered in the blink of an eye. To add to this, your hectic daily schedule makes it impossible for you to organise your living space on a regular basis.

Style Hub has curated  a list of life-changing hacks that will help you shed the clutter in your living room and unwind in a hassle-free environment every day!

Transforming Coffee Table


A coffee table with extra drawers and concealed compartments is a great option to store away items like magazines and books. This way, you can keep the things that you need close by and at the same time, reduce the mess in your living area.

Use See-Through Storage like Never Before


Don’t throw away those old transparent bottles, jars and containers. These can be extremely useful for holding envelopes, stationery, or any sort of collectables. Moreover, see-through storage adds a chic touch to the décor of the living room while it helps in organising the space.

Pretty Shelves


Invest in a versatile shelf for the living room where you can display your favourite items. Along with this you can keep pretty document holders to keep away unnecessary papers which are not required on a daily basis.

Boxes, Baskets and Bags as DecImage-3

A potential space for storage you can utilise is the wall. Yes! You read that right. Invest in boxes, baskets and bags to hold newspapers and magazines, and fasten them onto any bare walls around the living room. This is not only a convenient method to organise articles you access every day but it also adds to the décor of a space.

Select Small Furniture


Big bulky furniture is not always a good idea, even in large rooms. Small furniture like ottoman tables, single unit chairs and recliner sofas are not only trendy, but are also convenient for a small living space. You can arrange the furniture with colourful pillows and unique printed coverings. Make space in your living room and invest in small furniture for the long run.

A clean living environment is something that adds positivity and acts as a serene space for you to relax in. Simply follow these simple hacks and declutter your living room for happy and stress-free environment.

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