June 2, 2016

After months of looking at technological designs we finally have a fashionable smartwatch in the market! And boy are we loving this one. Guess has introduced its own range of smartwatches in a partnership with Martian, a notable player in smartwatch technology. Styled after Guess’ bestselling model, ‘Rigor’ this watch combines the forces of fashion and technology in one stylish timepiece.

The Guess connect smartwatches feature Martian’s ‘Dual Mode functionality’ and voice command functions amongst others, enabling the user to receive hands-free notifications directly on the watch. One can easily connect the watch to their iOS or Android smartphones and can customize which notifications are received on the watch, create unique vibration patterns to distinguish between alert types, and recall the most recent notifications with just a tap of the watch glass and through many popular apps.

The watch has a solid build – a stainless steel casing and either a silicone or a leather strap depending on the model. Since it is adopted from Guess Rigor, it looks and has some features of a normal watch just with a bar of OLED display. Like any watch, the analog element has a battery that lasts for 2 years and the smart technology is charged by a Micro USB. Other features like music and camera make this a truly rounded piece.

Although it’s not just the technology that makes this watch attractive. Eye catching colours like blue, white and brown with combination of subtle rose gold plating around the case and embellishments – for the ladies form the stylish faces of the timepieces. Another thing we absolutely love is the chunkiness of the watches.
So versatile in its function, the watches look great on anything and can be styled easily into your daily wardrobe. To give you some inspiration we had our editors put together one look each for men and women.

The price of the smartwatch, between Rs 30,500 to Rs 33,000, might seem to be on the higher side but trust us, every watch is totally worth it. You will also receive an exclusive powerbank on the purchase of any Guess Connect smartwatch.


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