Your Guide To Bra Shopping As A Teenager
April 13, 2020

Teenage years are full of surprises and moments of growth- both emotional and physical. With these might come changes in your taste and style, as you might want to try newer trends in fashion. While it’s great to experiment, it’s also important to wear the right bra to perfect your look.

Read on to understand what you should look for when you’re shopping for a bra and the styles you should choose.

Start By Determining Your Size       

While looking at the tag of a bra might confuse you with its mixture of numbers and alphabets, all you need to know your size is a measuring tape. It is best to get yourself measured by a professional the first time you get fitted as they will be able to give you your accurate size. However, if you’re measuring it at home, read our guide on How To Pick The Perfect Bra to understand how to do it right.

While bras come in different styles, here are the styles that will help you get used to them before moving on to other designs.

Slip-On A Beginner Bra For Ease

Your Guide To Bra Shopping As A Teenager

This is the most basic style of bra which helps you get used to the style before you move on to a normal bra. While a normal bra usually has hooks in the back, a beginner’s bra is just slipped on.

Since you will probably start by wearing this style, choose cotton as it’s soft on the skin and affords breathability. Purchase them in neutral colours like black, white and nude so that they can be worn under a number of clothes.

The Sports Bra For Fit And Support

Your Guide To Bra Shopping As A Teenager

If you love playing after-school or after-college sports, this is the right style for you. It is one of the most comfortable, yet firmly supported bras which minimises movement during any activity. You can pair this with a tank top or cropped-tee when you’re on the field.

While choosing a sports bra, you can go for a bit of colour and flair. However, lighter colours tend to show sweat, so pick darker shades to conceal sweat stains.

Padded Bra For Thin Tees

Your Guide To Bra Shopping As A Teenager

This type of bra is lightly padded, and is best when you’re wearing a thin t-shirt. The ideal time to add this to your wardrobe is when you start to develop fuller breasts and a cup size beyond B, or C.

When you go for a cupped bra, choose one with medium padding to start off. It is also best to stick with a simple cotton bra without any lace so that it doesn’t show through the shirt. Pick nude shades that best go with your skin tone, especially if you’re wearing a light coloured shirt.

The Non-Wired Bra For Relaxed Fit

Your Guide To Bra Shopping As A Teenager

The non-wired bra is perfect for those who’ve outgrown beginner bras but don’t want to wear a padded bra yet. It provides ample support without you having to worry about the underwire and are actually comfortable enough to sleep in!

While these do come as standalone bras, they are also inbuilt in some camisoles. You can opt for them if you’re wearing a sheer top. If you’re wearing a white top, choose a nude bra/camisole as wearing white under white will reveal its outline.

Keep these tips and styles in mind the nest time you go bra shopping. Shop for these styles and more on Shoppers Stop online and in-store.

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