December 21, 2016

‘If you’ve got cool nails, you wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m happy now.’ Says Maisie Williams, the young chirpy actress of the Game of Thrones fame.

Arreglarse!  Confused? It’s a Spanish word that means, ‘make yourself look good’. Do your hair and nails, wear makeup, nice clothes and shoes. Asking for too much? We say, “Nah”.
Well party season is upon us and we think you girls should go all out and get your bling on!

Here’s how you can get party perfect glitter nails without having to spend big bucks. 

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We bid adieu with a couple of simple nail care tips.

  • Refrain from using acetone polish removers and stick to the one that make use of acetate.
  • Never ever bite your nails.

Waiting to hear from you!

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