March 5, 2021

If the top shelf of your dresser is a runway, the sparkling clinking bottles of perfumes are the lights that bring the show together. Spring season would be incomplete without a signature floral fragrance that is as nuanced and decadent as your personality. If you’re looking for a type of fragrance that defines you and can be a long-term addition to your go-to scents, you’ve come to the right place. We’re decoding the best spring perfumes for both men and women so that you can envelop yourself in a comforting aroma that exudes confidence!

For Women:

Bespoke Florals

If you’re looking for a soft, sweet fragrance that transports you to a meadow of flowers as beautiful and colourful as you, Gucci Bloom is the best women’s perfume for you. With notes of rose, honeysuckle and the exotic Rangoon creeper, this perfume celebrates your feminine and sensual side with bold intimacy and authenticity.

Fresh Fruity Scent

If delicious, juicy and fruity scents seem to attract you the most, Mont Blanc Lady Emblem is a delicate yet modern perfume and a frontrunner in this category. Perfect for people with bubbly personalities who embrace life as it comes, this fragrance combines enticing notes of red currant jam, pink rose and peach. With a bottle that looks like a work of art, this women’s perfume is ready to be the showstopper of your scent collection. 

Musky Grace


Sometimes, you just can’t choose from among the dizzying variety of luscious perfume options available. Everything from floral to woody to musky scent sounds heavenly and you just wish you could bottle them all up together. Well, Narciso Rodriguez For Her does just that. Contrasting and bold scents like orange flower, musk, amber and vanilla come together to create a harmony of fresh, floral, spicy and woody tones all together for the woman who is both gentle and confident. If this sounds like you, this could be the best spring perfume for you!

For Men:

Kick of Leather

For men who wake up everyday and choose to live a life of hustle, Diesel Only The Brave is a hardy sidekick. The men’s perfume opens with masculine and modern notes of leather, powered by a refreshing kick of lemon, orange, violet and cedar. A sparkling glass sculpture of a fist bottles the exotic and unabashed scent, making a perfect springtime fragrance for the bold. 

Aqua Serenity

If you’re someone who feels most at peace at the sea, with fresh strong winds and an intrinsic sense of freedom, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giorgio is the best men’s perfume for you. A scented portrait of a sunset at the Mediterannean Sea, this perfume comes with masculine and marine notes of lemon, peach and white musk. With this lush combination of aquatic freshness and woody fragrance, you can turn any day into a lazy salty evening at the beach!

Splash of Citrus

An evergreen symbol of energy and youth almost 30 years since its launch, CK One is a phenomenon of a scent, pioneering the unisex movement in the industry. The juicy, citrusy top notes of pineapple and papaya come together with roses, freesias and green tea to make for a timeless fragrance that is reminiscent of a simpler time and attractive both for men and women. A springtime must-have, this classic perfume has bagged a permanent spot in our guide to best fragrances. 

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