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Hair Care Guide For Frizz Free Locks

Do you always find your hair frizzy, dry, unmanageable, and living a life of their own? You’re not alone because frizzy hair is one of the most common hair problems people face. While most people struggling with frizzy hair need dry hair treatments, some people have an oily hair type and still struggle with frizz. So the reasons why you have frizzy hair might be that you are shampooing your hair too often, using a lot of heat styling, brushing too aggressively or using products with harmful ingredients. 

Frizzy hair can make you look unkempt and messy so it’s super important to choose hair treatments that make them soft, shiny, smooth and manageable. Luckily, we’ve got just the right routine for you!

Squeaky Clean for Her

Zinc-laden shampoos can be harsh on the hair, making them dry and dull. On the other hand, a natural hibiscus and rosemary shampoo nourishes your hair, making it super hydrated and less likely to fluff up in humid conditions. It’s also a great curly hair product and since it is silicone free, there will be no product buildup and all you’ll have is squeaky clean, soft and shiny hair. 

Lather, Lather for Him

Guys, you might be guilty of washing your hair all too often and that is the reason your hair is so frizzy and unmanageable. Twice or thrice a week is the maximum you should wash your hair, using the best hair products like a gentle shampoo with rejuvenating ingredients such as chamomile and rosewood oil. Natural hair treatments like chamomile soothes irritated scalps and the shampoo not only cleans but nourishes hair.

Soft, Softer, Softest

If the softest, shiniest hair is what you’re aiming for, you need a natural hair product like a conditioner with some potent ingredients like almond oil, Indian gooseberry and soy extracts. With the lovely fragrance of orange extracts, this conditioner is the perfect dry hair treatment without being greasy and something you can use multiple times a week without shampoo. So on days when you have a sweaty scalp after working out, condition but don’t shampoo.


Magic Potion for Him

Men have a higher probability of having grey hair or balding at an early age and we’re taking all the precautions! A hair serum nourishes your hair by protecting it from heat, cold and dust. However, what we love the most is its ability to reduce greying of hair drastically.  Apply regularly so that not only do you have frizz-free hair but also prevent greying!

The Sunday Pamper

Sundays are for good food and good hair. Do a deep-conditioning natural hair treatment with this coconut oil and shea butter treatment by applying to the entire length of your hair and leaving it in for 30 minutes to an hour. Wash it off and you’ll have smooth, hydrated detangled and of course frizz free hair.


Down to the Roots


When you’ve used blow dryers, straighteners, gels and whatnot on your hair all month long, surely it deserves a little love. As a dry scalp treatment, a nutri repair mask works wonders  with jojoba seed oil for repairing the hair shaft and restoring some nourishment. Say hello to stronger, softer and supple hair.

Taking care of your hair for frizz-free locks is something that requires just a little effort every single day. As much as your hair needs nourishment from DIY natural hair treatments like coconut oil, egg whites, and banana, they can be incredibly time consuming and not always the easiest thing to do. But no worries because we’ve picked out sulphate and silicone free products with the goodness of natural treatments, only quicker and easier. Head to Shoppers Stop to get your hands on frizz fighting hair care products and you’ll see the difference in no time!

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