September 5, 2019

The festival of Onam celebrates the harvest season and is eagerly anticipated every year. Marking the festivities is the grand Onam Sadhya, characterised by a traditional fare of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes.

While we generally associate festivals with bingeing and late-night heavy meals, Onam Sadhya is actually different from the rest. Thanks to an array of healthy Onam dishes , this festive spread holds both the tasty and healthy label. Health buffs, are you listening?

Plan your menu this festive season with the healthiest handpicked Onam Sadhya recipes. Here are our top recommendations!


Aviyal_Healthy Onam Recipes


With its low glycemic index and reduced fat content, Aviyal ranks as one of the tastiest and healthiest Onam staples. Requiring minimal to no oil in cooking, this vegetable recipe is fibre and vitamin dense with ingredients like green peas, yam, drumsticks, French beans, carrots, and yoghurt. A balanced dash of spices intensifies both the flavour profile and health benefits of this dish!


Payasam_Healthy Onam Recipes


Sweeten the deal with Onam-special food like the humble payasam! But before you raise a finger, we can assure you this recipe can only get healthier. Switch the main ingredient, white rice,  for a gluten-free, low-fat alternative like millet. If you’re vegan, no worries. Try almond milk instead of cow’s milk in the preparation.  Since this is a sweet treat and it’s celebration time, a hint of jaggery over refined sugar is the best alternative. Add a generous sprinkling of dry fruits to give this dish a gourmet touch and add to the nutrient quotient!

Mathanga Erissery

Mathanga-Erissery_Healthy Onam Recipes

One of many pleasures of traditional Onam recipes is the opportunity to feast on spicy curries infused with authentic spices. The Mathanga Erissery paints just the right picture when paired with a serving of rice. Grated coconut, red beans, and pumpkin are the hero ingredients of this lip-smacking dish. Cooking this curry with virgin coconut oil and assorted spices makes this a wholesome dish that’s bolstered with fibre, vitamins, and healthy fats.

Adai Dosa 

Adai-Dosa_Healthy Onam Recipes


Complete your Onam Sadhya with Adai Dosa served with fresh coconut chutney or Aviyal. The preparation comprises of slow-burning carbs, which includes a mix of different lentils. This dish only gets healthier with various spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger, and fennel seeds. The dosa requires only a slight amount of pure ghee to cook and seal in the flavours.


Olan_Healthy Onam Recipes

Not a fan of spicy curries but still want that authentic flavour? Opt for a mildly flavoured preparation of Olan to go with your rice. This dish is light on the stomach with the key ingredients being pulses, pumpkin, and a base of fresh coconut milk. Packing a punch of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, this dish lets the health buff in you rejoice!

Feast on these healthy homemade Onam recipes this festive season. Get started by shopping for cookware, cutlery, appliances, and more!

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