Here’s What Men Need To Know About Styling Shorts
March 27, 2020

With the mercury rising, shorts are a saving grace for free-spirited summer wear. However, shorts need to be styled right for a polished look. 

Here are some do’s and don’t of styling shorts you must know about before you adopt this summer trend.

Do: Check The Fit 

Here’s What Men Need To Know About Styling Shorts

One of the biggest mistakes men make is not checking the fit before buying a pair of shorts. For example, ensure that your shorts are the right length- shorts that end 2-3 inches above the knee suit most body types. Similarly, it is best to opt for shorts that gently taper towards the knee.

A perfectly fitted pair of shorts can make all the difference to your outfit. Pair a well-fitted pair of white cotton shorts with a grey polo shirt for a casual day out with friends. 

Don’t: Mix Patterns 

Here’s What Men Need To Know About Styling Shorts

When done right, summer shorts can show off a vibrant and fun side of you. Having said that, if you do end up picking a vibrant pair of Hawaiian inspired shorts, pair it with a simple t-shirt. Mixing the wrong prints and patterns can look cluttered and can ruin your look. 

For example, you can pair shorts that have a tropical print with a fuss-free sky blue shirt and sneakers for a comfortable brunch look. 

Do: Choose Breathable Fabrics

Here’s What Men Need To Know About Styling Shorts

Shorts come a variety of fabric choices, but not all of them are suitable for the summer. Fabrics such as cotton, linen and poplin are wise choices for shorts during the summer as they are breathable fabrics and help you stay cool. While denim shorts are also a good option, make sure that the fabric is thin and the shorts are loose to ensure comfort.

For example, wear a white cotton shirt with light blue cotton or chambray shorts. Pair it with white sneakers for the perfect summer look!

Don’t: Go Overboard

Here’s What Men Need To Know About Styling Shorts

It’s great to follow fashion trends, but always adopt them keeping your own style in mind. While informal choices such as t-shirts and polo shirts are best for all kinds of shorts, you can wear formal clothing such as shirts or blazers depending on the style of shorts. For example, layering a blazer on a denim jacket is a definite no-no, but you can wear a formal shirt or a blazer while wearing a pair of chino shorts.

Think outside your comfort zone, but with your personality in mind. A neutral-toned blazer in off-white can be paired with a pair of fitted navy blue solid cargo shorts. 

Do: Pay Attention To Shoes & Socks 

Here’s What Men Need To Know About Styling Shorts

Finding the right pair of shoes to match your shorts is very important. Solid shorts in fabrics like cotton or khaki can be styled with flip flops, sandals, sneakers, and moccasins. However, casual drawstring shorts look best when worn with converse shoes. On the other hand, when opting for loafers always wear no-show socks. If no-show socks are not your first choice, go for calf-length solid black socks instead of white ankle-length ones.

Follow these simple dos and don’ts of styling shorts for men to look summer-ready. Shop your favourite looks both online and retail on Shopper’s Stop. 

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