Festive Home Decor Ideas
August 18, 2017

Festive season is a joyous time which involves decoration, gifts, sweets and a house filled with loved ones. Decorating your house during festive season is a fun bonding experience which brings families closer together! This festive season add a sparkle with decorative lights to the decor. These home decor ideas and accessories will make your home festive ready and make your space a cozy place.

Decorate Your Home With Lights


String lights are a beautiful and delicate way to illuminate the house.  add light to the space and create a magical atmosphere. You can drape them around an object or stick it on the wall. You can also use some DIY tips and place the decorative lights for home in a mason jar or make an alphabet using it. Lights always help to brighten up a dark room and immediately add a festive touch.

Add Some Metallic Touch To Your Space


Metallic colors like steel, silver, brass, gold add warmth and instantly jazz up a house. These versatile colors give any home a festive look with minimal effort. Candle holders for decorative candles, fairy lights, table lamps, cutlery and planters are great accessories to decorate your house this festive season.

Colorful Cushions For A Vibrant Look


It’s the time of the year to redecorate your house and it can be done with simple steps as well, like changing your cushion covers. Pick vibrant, quirky shades keeping the colors of the wall and furniture in mind.  This is a simple way to spruce up your room and give it a festive look.

Aromatic Candles For Vibrant Energy


Naurally scented candles, essential oil difusers or sprays are a beautiful way of decorating your home. Addition to the light and aroma, they are healing and soothing for the mind. Pick scents according to the season or your preferences and  bring a vibrant energy to your space.

Fresh Flowers For A Fresh Scented Room


Fresh flowers are an all time favourite to decorate your cozy nest. They bring tons of vibrancy, freshness and potent energy. The market is filled with flower vases in various shapes and colours. Pick some beautiful vases, add some fresh flowers to them and bring in posivity and a fresh scent.

Use these super simple methods and make your home festive-ready!

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