July 13, 2020

Whether you’ve been working from home for eternity or just started, a space of your own is THE thing you need right now because let’s be honest, the bed is not the most productive place to be working from. So if you’re trying to break away from the constant urge to take a nap and get some actual work done, these fabulous yet practical home decor ideas are just what you need to build a DIY Home Office right alongside your family unit. No, it does not involve building a personal study on the rooftop or soundproofing the walls. Just some family-friendly tweaks to your space to make you feel like a boss and get cracking on your to-do list!

The Basics 


If you’ve been crouching on your bed or the couch, it’s time you make the shift to a neat table and a comfortable chair. Your lower back will thank you, we promise. But a boring table and desk should not make you feel like you’re back in school! One of the simplest home decor ideas is to add a soft, thick rug underneath and throw in a few colourful cushions!  Not only do they instantly liven up the space, they are perfect for preventing cramps from sitting for too long! 

A Room with a View

Home decor curtainsIf you get to point at a corner of the house and call it yours, grab a window because you do not want to be staring at a blank wall and losing your mind. Don’t forget to add some flowy, fun curtains to block out the world whenever you want. And since travelling into the wild is a long, long time away, bring a slice of nature into your room with plants! If you’re a city slicker who wakes up to traffic and pollution, it’s time to test your green finger skills and learn how to keep your plant babies alive. If you’re an overworked employee who is barely staying alive, we understand your plight. Invest in some artificial plants  for the feels, they work almost as well!

Zoom Call Setup



Imagine this: You have a super, super important zoom call. You’re all dressed up and prepped, the meeting starts and the first thing your boss sees is your half-naked baby photo. Yep, it’s time to shift those to your parent’s bedroom and decorate your wall with some cool wall decor pieces like a statement clock. Not only is it a work space essential but also, a statement wall accessory.  If you have a lot of space to spare, add some wall art  for a sweet reminder of the outside world!

Desk Accessories


We know your desk is going to be filled with half-eaten snacks and a lot of crumpled paper but get the chaos under control with a handy organiser.  In fact, choose something versatile to keep your stationary, snacks, books, and other bits and pieces in check. 

There are also some must have kitchen appliances that have translated into a must-have for our work desks: an electric kettle!  When there is a deadline looming over your head and coffee is your only hope, you’ll be glad to have a kettle by your side. Don’t forget the loyal coffee mug of course, which is a modern day work desk essential as much as a must have kitchen equipment. Have some more space left? Bring the memories in your phone to your desk by adding a photo frame with pictures of your family or pet.

Light Em’ Up!



Working through the night but your sibling is threatening to turn the lights off? You’ll need a lamp to make sure that you’re not stumbling in the dark at midnight. And when the Monday blues get too blue to bear, an aroma diffuser promises instant relaxation. Spa-like aromatherapy during working hours? Yes, please!

Home decor ideas don’t always have to entail colossal changes because sometimes, all you really need are a few tweaks here and there to make a space feel a lot like you. And when it comes to work, the right space can help you tread the line between an inspiring and an unproductive day. Get clicking on the Shoppers Stop website to find the right home decor ideas and elements to transform a part of your home into your dream work station. 

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