Hosting Hacks
March 20, 2019

You don’t really need an excuse to throw a party. But when it comes to hosting an event, getting the setup right makes all the difference.

Whether it is celebrating your birthday or throwing a surprise party for a friend, the theme and ambience of your dinner party decor will vary depending on the event. That being said, there are a few essentials that are common to all- foot-tapping music, the ultimate dinner party serveware, and lip-smacking appetisers.

So, here are a few dinner party ideasthat will help you nail it like a seasoned host.

Menu And Plating

Menu and plating

Begin the party preparations by deciding the menu. Select dishes that not only cater to a larger crowd but are simple to cook too. Pick from popular and easy dinner party recipes, and include a few choice starters and a well laid out main course.

One of the best dinner party hacks is to create a menu of dishes you have already tried before rather than experimenting with recipes you don’t know on D-day.

When you have taken care of the menu, it’s time to move to the art of plating. The easiest way to get this right is by choosing dinner party serveware that suits the occasion.

Use crystal serve bowls to hold snacks like nuts and chips, re-purpose a round cake platter to place appetisers and welcome drinks on, and set the dining table with some elegant porcelain plates.

Drinks And Glasses

Drinks and Glasses

Whether it is a breezy get-together brunch or a formal dinner, your guests are sure to appreciate a cool refresher waiting for them as they walk in.

One of the best dinner party hacks is to include jugs with two types of drinks and empty glasses so that guests can help themselves to whichever they like.

Some welcome drink ideas perfect for just about any party are evergreen cocktails like Mojito and Cosmo, or trendy refreshers like Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea. Prepare the drinks keeping these easy dinner party recipes in mind and refill the jugs before they run dry.

If it’s a wine-and-dine kind of event, bring out the wine glasses and keep bottle openers handy so you don’t have to go searching for them in the middle of having a good time.

Prepare For The Day

Prepare for the day


Deciding the food and drinks is only step one. Preparing to host a party also involves organising your home and mentally preparing yourself for the event.

Apart from getting easy dinner party recipes ready, make a list of ingredients and have them all ready in advance. Make the drinks and refrigerate them at least two hours before guests can arrive.

Clear the centre table of all unwanted items and place the starters on dinner serveware so that the guests can help themselves. Creating a music playlist and setting up speakers will not only keep guests entertained but also fill in the gaps in conversations.

Hosting a party can seem overwhelming, but remember to breathe easy. Get a friend or two to help you with the setup, pour yourself a drink and use the dinner party hacks to make it look effortless and fun.

Get The Decor Right

Get the decor right


Little things can go a long way, and dinner party decor is key to setting the right mood and ambience for the event.

Decorate the dinner table with beautiful, fresh flowers along with some scented candles. String some fairy lights on the wall or use coloured lights to create a more inviting atmosphere.

An important aspect of dinner party decor is to make sure the seating is comfortable. Place colourful quilts and cushions to create a cosy space so that the guests can settle down anywhere and engage with each other.

Choose your cushions and throws correctly to add a warm vibe to your dinner party decor. Use dinner party serveware and cutlery to arrange the dinner table to match the décor.

Prepare The Guestroom

Prepare the Guestroom

Dinner parties tend to involve friends who stay back overnight, so ensure that the guestroom is ready for them. Clean up the room and set up a comfortable mattress with clean pillows and bedsheets.

When you plan ahead, you can enjoy every aspect of the celebration. Use these dinner party ideas to plan the perfect get together.

Let your friends help you if they offer to and make sure you relax and enjoy the party, food, and the company.

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