November 21, 2018

Facial fuzz is one look that’s never going out of fashion, thanks to its ability to bring versatility and dimension into every man’s overall appearance. At times, it can be absolutely statement making. Think back to when Ranveer Singh wowed us with his bold beardstache and when Shahid Kapoor made the Van Dyke beard a legitimate trend in town! If you’ve been considering a break from your usual clean-shaven look, consider our list of beard styles for men.

This no-shave November may just be the right time to break into a new look. Read on, it’s clearly ‘beard’ days ahead!

Full Beard Paired With The Pompadour_Beard Styles For Men


Full Beard Paired With The Pompadour – It takes a bit more effort to create a statement look like the full beard. So much so that you could almost consider it as a ‘rite of passage’. If you’re willing to give it a few weeks, this one will be worth the wait for its ability to lend maturity to your appearance. The full beard suits men with oval faces almost instantly. However, those with round or angular faces can perfect the look by trimming their hair correctly. If you’ve made a resolution, how about putting it to work by using the best beard growth oil to expedite the process. Here’s a style note – try a slick pompadour in conjunction with this beard for a pleasant contrast.

The Beardstache_Beard Styles For Men


The Beardstache – The beardstache can be considered one of the most popular beard and mustache styles around. You could possibly blame it on its popularity with major Bollywood celebs like Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan, and the list simply goes on. Featuring a blend of stubble and a mustache, it’s an experimental look that spells masculinity. The quintessential beardstache features a mustache that’s denser and longer than the stubble. Use a trimmer to maintain the stubble length while allowing your mustache to grow. However, refrain from overgrowing your mustache beyond the jawline. Feel free to add a mustache wax and a comb to your kit to tame the hair!

The Van Dyke Beard_Beard Styles For Men


The Van Dyke Beard – Made famous by Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke in the 17th century, this beard style has successfully thrived over the years. We could probably term it an experiment gone right between the goatee and the mustache. This look has countless variations and often retains hints of the bearded look, with hair slightly extending to the sides of the chin. , while still keeping the mustache detached. While the typical Van Dyke beard features a long goatee, the modern take on this beard style features a shorter length and even a subtle soul patch like actor, Saqib Saleem’s! A pair of trimming scissors, a razor, a comb, and beard wax will help you perfect the look effortlessly!

The Chinstrap Beard_Beard Styles For Men


The Chinstrap Beard – The chin strap beard style for men is great if you’re looking to veer away from the conventional beard. This style basically traces along your jawline and extends up to the side burns. Based on the look you want to create, you can choose a thin strap or a thick one. While a narrow one creates a more youthful appearance, one with a thicker strap lends more maturity to your look. You can even complement this bold beard style for men with a mustache or a goatee for a dynamic appeal.

Cool Beard Designs_Beard Styles For Men


Cool Beard Designs – There are cooler beard styles for men too! Take for instance the now-trending faded beard and detailing like bold lines and slashes, which are great as finishing touches. If you’re worried about going over-the-top, try a subtle look that features a simple slash on the edge of your beard. As for the beard, trim it with precision for a faded, almost gradient effect. We bet, you’ll love the results! Finish the look with a sophisticated pompadour or a cool buzz cut.

This no-shave November, flaunt these top-of-the-line beard styles for men. But, do remember to tread with caution with certain looks that lean more on the heavier side, particularly when it comes to maintaining the business look. Whether it’s a job interview or a boardroom meeting, a clean shave will always keep you in good stead. Lastly, there’s nothing better than having the right products handy and some nifty beard growth tips. So invest in a good kit that includes the best beard growth oil, shaving cream, trimmers, razors, beard brushes, after-shave lotions, beard wax, and a good exfoliant!

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