August 19, 2016

You are working hard and sweating it out in the gym but do you know that your gym wear helps in your workout too. The wrong fabric or fit will just destroy your workout plan. Your gym clothes or the sportswear you like to exercise in, should complement your hard work. It’s not about negating the fashion aspect of a workout, but about addressing an important issue – How comfortable are you in your workout clothes, physically and if not then how should you choose your gymwear?

Select the Fabric

It is important that your skin breaths freely through your gym-wear and you should be able to achieve that with a fabric that facilitates ‘Wicking’. Here, the sweat you produce must be drawn away from your body, keeping the body cool in the process. Synthetic fibres, namely polyester, Lycra and spandex, are particularly good at this. You could also get clothes made from polypropylene or the ones containing COOLMAX or SUPPLEX fibres.
If your routine includes a light workout, such as walking or stretching, cotton would be useful; provided that the amount of sweat remains in control.
Avoid any plastic or rubber based material entirely. Just, don’t do it.

Gym Wear

Check the Fitting

You would be comfortable in loose clothes, but when things get going, the same clothes will only get in your way. Hence, select the type of clothes specific to the activity you have planned.
For example, for something like running or biking, it requires that you don’t wear long or wide-leg pants. Possibilities are that the fabric will simply get tangled. On the other hand, for activities such as Yoga or Pilates, get stretchy clothes that can bend well along with your body.The type of clothes here you would wear, relies heavily on your personal preference; particularly, on how much you would like your body to be covered. A t-shirt with track-pants or shorts is often enough in case of men’s clothes and as for women, the desirable attire for most of the time, includes a top or a t-shirt with leggings.

Mind the Season

The seasons will affect the temperature status of your body; which means, you must dress appropriately to avoid any physiological stress. In those colder months, get an insulating layer like a jacket, on top of a sweat-wicking inner layer. Cover your head, ears, and hands, especially when you are outside. Go for a set of clothes, which allows you to shed the outer layer as the workout progresses and you become sweatier.
In those warmer months, stick with a fabric that can keep your cool, preventing any excess heating. On the other hand, during the rainy months, keep an outer layer to allow the protection against the rain and the strong winds.

Remember to get the right supportive undergarments and finally, always stress of the functionality of the clothes rather than their attractiveness.

Olympics might be over but that does not mean you should give up on your workout.
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