July 10, 2018

Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed with posts of women in the most flawless, healthy looking skin ever?

While skin with makeup has always been the norm, particularly when stepping out or posting on social media, a healthy glow is something everyone is digging this season, on and off the runway!

And if you’re wondering what they do differently, let us assure you, it’s not rocket science. Trying out the newest beauty fad is only a few makeup and face prep hacks away.

Get your makeup kit onboard while we’re here to be your makeup guide!

Cleanse And Hydrate

Cleanse And Hydrate_The Healthy Glow Trend With Makeup

source: goodhousekeeping.com

Prepping your face is important! Ask the best makeup artists in the business and they’d agree. It all begins with cleansing to remove dirt and sebum and following it up with a good moisturiser. After bringing your skin to a squeaky clean, dry finish post cleansing, rehydrate it with a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Don’t rush to your makeup routine just yet! Wait for around 5 minutes for your skin to fully bask in the nourishing ingredients!

Use A Primer

Use A Primer_Healthy Glow With Makeup

source: quoshantblog.com

If there’s one magic trick up our sleeve when it comes to perfecting that au naturel glow, it has to be the primer. The product helps to lock in the moisturiser you’ve applied. Besides, it works to conceal your pores and creates the appearance of a smoother, refined complexion. Start by applying it to the centre of your face and gradually moving outwards. When you’re done, let it sit for 3 minutes before you move on to the next step. And you could rightly say that you’re halfway along to nailing the healthy glow look just right!


 Set It With Spray

Set It With Spray_Healthy Glow With Makeup

source: zula.sg

A healthy glow is lasting and shouldn’t fade away while you’re hopping from air-conditioned rooms to the harsh outdoors. If you want to make it look believable, get your makeup to be immune to sweat and humidity with a makeup setting spray. You could try a face mist cum makeup setting spray to deliver a boost of nourishment and radiant glow with every spritz. 3 sprays should do the trick. Ensure you hold the product at a slight distance from your face while spraying it.

Coat With Foundation 

Coat With Foundation_Healthy Glow With Makeup

source: indianexpress.com

Now it’s time to add the glow first hand. This involves a bit of makeup mash-up. Pump out the usual amount of foundation you use onto your palm. Now dispense the same amount of highlighter, and mix the two together evenly with a flat foundation brush. Apply this subtly shimmering mixture onto your face, just like foundation, and witness the healthy glow come to life!

Use An Eye Concealer

Use An Eye Concealer_Healthy Glow With Makeup

source: stylecraze.com

A healthy, youthful glow has a lot to do with bright eyes! So, mask those spots and dark circles with a dab of eye concealer to your under eye region. Infuse a subtle glow by gently blending a bit of the foundation that has already been applied. Use your fingers or a foundation brush for even coverage and a radiant glow.

Add A Touch Of Highlighter

Add A Touch Of Highlighter_Healthy Glow With Makeup

source: youtube.com

Time to discover the full potential of the highlighter in a whole new way! Move over the loud, flashy look because your highlighter can help you carry a subtle healthy glow with equal élan. Apply a small amount on your cheekbones using a brush. To add a hint of colour, swipe on a blush with a soft pinkish tinge and voila!

Try this latest beauty trend and get noticed for your natural looking healthy glow effortlessly. Get started by grabbing all the essentials!

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