May 3, 2019

Today’s woman has so many roles to play. She is the boss, effortlessly and efficiently heading a team by day, quickly transforming into a fashion diva with the perfect dress accessories for that party in the evening. Nothing can and should come in the way of her at any time; every woman is a queen who deserves to be the best version of herself.

With summer around the corner, the question of what to wear that is fashionable yet comfortable becomes more frequent. Need help understanding how to pick the right dress and accessories? Here are some apparel choices with a list of dresses for different occasions, and continue to be a fashionista:

The office look

The Office Look


There is nothing that exudes pure confidence like a well-fitting sheath dress. You could also go for a turtle-neck pencil dress or a blazer dress that can set the right mood just right for a corporate party. While you can style these dresses for different occasions, stay away from the latter in peak summers.

For the warm season, feel free to play with brighter colours for your clothing. Pastel shades and solid colours like blue and brown do your professional attire more justice. As for make-up and dress accessories, the golden rule for acing your corporate look is keeping things subtle.

The Party Look



This is where you go all out with your make-up and accessories for a summer dress. Wondering how to pick the right dress? Choose to go glam with your party look; glittery hues and bright colours on a cocktail dress generally never go wrong for that outing. However, a bodycon dress with matte finishing adds elegance and sophistication to your look.

But if your priority is to have fun and let your hair down, an A-Line loose-fitting dress would definitely be more comfortable. Whichever dress-type you choose, though, try and ensure your fabric is cotton.

The ’Family Day’ Look

The Part Look


Speaking of enthusiasm; summer brings a lot of opportunities for fun family picnics! You need your style to suit the casual fun vibe. Here’s how to pick the right dress for the occasion. A flowy midi dress will complement your feminine charm without restricting your leg movements.

If you are up for more elegance and sophistication, an empire waist dress would be the right match. Empire waist dresses have been around since the late nineteenth century and time has stood witness to their fashion regime. Feel free to jazz it up with accessories for the summer dress and nail the perfect photo-ops, too.

The Beach Look

Beach look


A collection of dresses for different occasions remain incomplete without including a few beach ensembles. If you are headed to a beach vacation, a swimsuit is a necessity. However, that isn’t all that’s there in the beachwear. A funky wraparound dress with an asymmetrical cut would add a chic edge to a sunny beach day.

Alternatively, you could go for a halter neck dress, which would also accentuate your shoulder line. And wouldn’t you agree that the fashionable sundress was made for the beach? With a narrow strap, a nip around the waist and a flowy skirt-line, a sundress has all the components you need for the perfect evening beach attire.

The Girl-Next-Door Look

The Beach Look


When it comes to fashion with an understated elegance, a maxi dress is the first thing that comes to mind. Being a low-key diva isn’t easy, but floral maxi dresses help quite a bit. However, if you are looking for something shorter and more breathable, opt for a midi dress; it has the elegance of a maxi dress but is as short as a mini.

Denim dresses are looking good for summer 2019 too! And if you are just in the mood for a chill day out with your friends, then a pinafore dress combines the goodness of dungarees and a casual chic dress.

Above all, fashion is about what makes you comfortable! Style and comfort should be your two main criteria this summer, and the summer collection at Shoppers Stop has everything you need. Don’t forget to check out our colourful, vibrant summer dresses to please the fashionista in you!

Above all, fashion is about what makes you comfortable! Style and comfort should be your two main criteria this summer, and the summer collection at Shoppers Stop has everything you need when it comes to clothing and accessories for summer dresses. Don’t forget to check out our colourful, vibrant summer dresses for different occasions to please the fashionista in you!

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