August 31, 2017

Every girl loves the idea of experimenting with her hair colour using different hair dyes. This can be an exciting thing to do, but many back out with the fear of the damage the colour might cause. It is true, that any sort of chemical treatment that alters the structure of your hair can cause potential damage. Having said this, there are ways to keep you hair healthy while you can flaunt those gorgeous colours. Read on for a step-by-step procedure on how you can treat and protect your coloured locks.

Say Goodbye To Damage


Colouring your hair leads to a certain amount of damage, which is inevitable. We, recommended you to trim your hair right after any colour processing takes place. This helps the damage from spreading upward, to your roots. Especially if you are opting a lighter shade, you might have to cut off a considerable amount of length.

Right Products Right Now


Freshly coloured hair is highly prone to damage and colour bleeding. To make sure that the colour lasts longer, it is necessary to invest in colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners. These products form a protective shaft over the tresses to resist any form of damage and colour bleed. Consider sulphate-free products as they do not suck out the natural oils from your hair, and leave no deposits which can alter the hair colour.

Cut Down On Hair Washes


If you wash your hair frequently, we suggest you to steer clear from the recurrent hair washes. If you wash your hair 4-5 days a week, bring it down to 2-3 times a week. This is necessary as excessive hair wash can result in the colour fading. Another plus side of lessening the number of hair washes, is that it retains the natural oils on your scalp which helps in nourishment. Be sure to oil your hair every time you shower.

Cool Water And Leave-In Conditioner For Protection


Hot water is dangerous for newly coloured hair. They cause cuticles which make the hair shaft to rise leading to excess frizz and loss of moisture. This makes the hair more prone to damage, and that is the last thing you want. Wash your hair with cool or warm water instead. With this, use a good leave-in conditioner and comb it gently. This forms a protective layer over your hair to minimize any damage especially caused by heat-styling tools.

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