April 20, 2020

Whoever said that books are your best friends was undoubtedly right! Whether you are feeling happy or low, reading about the known and unknown will take you to a whole new world. Be it an old book that you have read several times or a new one, the calm feeling you get when you sit down to read is just incredible.

Your reading room or reading corner is undoubtedly the best refuge when you are a bookworm, and hence, you will surely have several reading room ideas on your mind.

A clean sofa bed with a few cushions or a vibrant floor rug can be the cosiest place to enjoy your book. Your reading nook ideas could consist of soft coloured curtains fluttering with the jingles of wind chimes and fresh plants placed beautifully around, as they can create a lively atmosphere for reading in peace.

So, let’s check some of the unique ideas that you can try for your reading corner.

Shelves – Think Unconventional


You might have seen some of the swankiest bookshelves at posh book stores or reading areas of shopping malls and airports and thought about getting one for yourself, right?

Your reading nook decor depends majorly on the placement and design of the shelves because they tend to be large and are the main accessories of a reading room.

Shelves designed like staircases are trendy these days along with the ones that have multiple compartments. Black, polished wood, brown, white or uniform – there are various colour choices to choose from. You simply have to pick the one that complements your room colour and décor.

A wall-hanging round shelf or a vintage walnut shelf can also add to the drama when it comes to reading nook décor ideas.

Books – Collect Them All!


Your reading nook decor needs to reflect the reading habits of you and your family. You might feel the urge to leave the book you have been reading on the floor rug, table or sofa.

However, to take care of them, make sure you keep the books neatly stacked inside the shelves, dust them regularly and disinfect them by spraying or leaving a few naphthalene balls inside the compartments. It is best to arrange books according to authors or genre for easy access.

Floor Rugs – Create The Right Feeling


If you want to create a feel-at-ease ambience, one of the best book corner ideas would be to roll open a floor rug and throw a few cushions around. On sultry days you might not feel like lying down on the sofa or sit on the chair and stools for long.

The printed floor rugs come in a variety of shapes and patterns. You can also go for the embroidered rugs if you have cushions with the same design.

Depending on the size of the reading corner, other reading room ideas might include adding bean bags as everyone loves to feel comfortable when they read. Since cleaning these rugs is quite a strenuous task, going for the dark coloured rugs would be a better idea.

Storage Is Important


Undoubtedly the most essential reading book decor is the study table and while selecting one, make sure you check out the number of drawers. A small piano shaped table with power sockets will be quite useful if you need to charge your phone or use a night lamp.

Thin-legged wooden tables and iron-legged tables are very popular for casual use, but if you tend to keep some stationery items or documents, go for solid wooden tables with multiple drawers.

Read In Comfort


For those who have the habit of reading while lying down, adding a sofa bed could be a practical reading room idea. There are three-seater, two-seater and single-seater sofa beds with modular designs so that they can be used both as a sofa and bed when necessary.

If you want a formal look, incorporate your reading nook ideas by adding two-seater, three-seater, six-seater and even single-seater sofas in the room. You can also add the sofas beside the window to get natural light and air. Also, make sure you choose the leather, fabric texture and colour according to the other decor aspects of the room.

When it comes to book corner ideas, you could go for a combination of bed and sofa. The cushioned loungers which can double up as a sofa or a bed is a great idea. There are also the easy-chair styled loungers, a more comfortable version of chairs!

Chairs To Complement The Table


In case you have a small reading corner adjacent to another room like the living room or bar area and you are looking for compact reading nook ideas, check out the iron–legged or hard plastic bar stools.

The cylindrical cane or wooden stools, as well as those with plush seats, will also work great if you plan on adding them beside the windows or the shelves. Colour coordinate the sofas or go for brightly-coloured bar stools for a livelier look.

Your book corner ideas might not include stools if you want some backrest, and hence, the plastic chairs can be great items to add when designing your reading corner. They should complete the look of the reading table.

Therefore, choosing chairs of the same colours as the table would look great, but you can also create a contrast by playing with light and dark colours with your chairs and tables.

Lights To Create An Ambient Space


Your reading area should get plenty of natural light from the windows, but if you like to read after dark, include some artificial electric lights like a pretty lampshade when coming up with your reading nook ideas.

There are solid table lamps for a simple look, along with the printed, metallic, vintage and ceramic lamps for more drama on your reading table. These patterned or printed cylindrical lamps and bottle lamps can give your reading space a nice creative touch.

Textured mini lanterns, string light sets, jar lamps, LED candles will also contribute to the aesthetics of the room.

Potted Plants – Greenery Is What You Need


For an eco-friendly reading room idea, add some potted plants on the windows, shelves and reading tables. The greens will freshen up the room while you’re engrossed in a book.

Try out these fantastic ideas to create the best cosy reading space you’ve always wanted. Check out Shoppers Stop for some great décor and furniture to add to your reading space and make it come alive!

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