July 13, 2021

It’s been more than a year since the kids have been stuck at home and it can be difficult to keep them engaged while making their time productive. Luckily, learning doesn’t have to be all work and no play when you’ve got toys that make education fun!

Hamleys Future Inventors 5 Projects

The Hamleys Genius Box Future Inventors is an educational activity kit which will keep your kids engaged in a machine building activity, along with developing their cognitive development and critical thinking. 

Hamleys Eduscience Astronomical Telescope And Microscope Science Kit

The Hamleys Astronomical Kit is a great educational toy for toddlers, perfect for getting curious young minds thinking about science early on. Take their interest in gazing at the stars to the next level with knowledge.


Hamleys Drum Set and Microphone

Got a kid who loves music? The Hamleys Drum Set will keep the kids engaged with a rhythmic touch and help them explore their inclination towards music early on. 

Hamleys Comdaq-2-in-1 Musical Jam Playmat

The Hamleys Jam Playmat is a perfect gift for the younger ones as they interact with the playmat by way of voice, music and tactile feedback. It’s a great way to have them explore various musical instruments in a fun and interactive way.

Hamleys Games Catan 5th Edition 

The Hamleys Catan is the best board game to engage kids in activities like trading and building their own house. This taste of empire building will also help them learn long-term strategy building at an early stage.

Hamleys Game of Life

The Hamleys Game Of Life is another board game in which the entire family can participate together. Engage kids for hours while helping them with an early understanding of money management.

Hamleys Foosball Table Football Game

No doubt the kids have been missing playing outside during the lockdown. The Hamleys Foosball Table will bring back the playful spirit of sports except it’ll be inside the house! It’s a perfect blend of energy and enthusiasm to infuse your kids with.

Hamleys Jump and Fit Playmat

The Hamleys Jump And Fit Playmat is the best way to keep kids physically active even while they’re stuck indoors. Kids need a few hours of physical movement during the day and this interactive toy for toddlers is a great way to keep them moving!

Hamleys Wood Non Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

What can be better than a game of chess? The Hamleys Wooden Chess Set will help your kids learn strategy as well as tickle the grey matter in their brains and be the next little grandmaster.

Hamleys Backgammon 

The Hamleys Backgammon is a classic early learning toy where skill and luck go hand in hand. It will help the kids build competitiveness with the right spirit.

Hamleys Scentos Activity Kit

The Hamleys Scentos Activity Kit is the best educational toy for the creative ones out there. Let them learn to express their ideas in different colors and create art that is unique to them.

Hamleys Playgo Paint Pottery Wheel

Add life to clay with Hamleys Playgo Paint Pottery Wheel. Kids will have a great time creating different shapes which also adds to the development of their creative thinking skills.

Even as the pandemic goes on, kids shouldn’t lose out on learning or their childhood. With board games and indoor physical activities, keep them away from their smartphones to maximise education with a whole lot of fun!

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