Kids Bathroom Accessories
April 17, 2019

Some kids enjoy their bath time so much that you have to drag them out of the bathroom to get them ready for school in time. Then there is a second kind, who has to be coaxed into the bathroom even when it comes to taking a quick shower. Irrespective of which type your child is, a common trait that most kids tend to share is leaving a trail of water behind, after stepping out of a bath. Or even worse, leaving their towel on the bed or desk after drying off.

So, how do you get kids to develop good bathroom habits? For starters, their bathrooms should be attractive enough to make bath time fun, while also being functional. Here are some kids’ bathroom accessories that you can include in your home to make bath time fun and safe for kids.

Non-Slip Mat

Non Slip Mat

Do away with the dull monotones in your kid’s room and include a pop of colour in the form of a non-slip mat placed outside the bathroom door or even in a dry area. These mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes and help teach your kid about keeping the place dry and clean while preventing accidents. Additionally, look for cute bathroom slippers for kids; they can simply slip into these while entering the bathroom, so that the area stays clean.

Bathroom slippers

Bathroom Slippers

One of the most important kids’ bath accessories includes bathroom slippers, which can help ensure that your kids do not wear dirty footwear in the bathroom. In addition to this, bathroom slippers for kids like these are comfy and long-lasting. And to make them more appealing, you can find bathroom slippers for kidsin a number of colours, patterns, and styles, ensuring the suit every preference

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

Kids’ shower curtains can change the entire theme of the bathroom. From world maps to ABC charts to cute little fishes, there are endless options in kids’ shower curtains for you to choose from. Adding these to their bathroom will brighten up the space, make it more personalised and can even make shower time fun, especially for the less enthusiastic ones!

Toothbrush And Toothpaste Holder

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

Kids’ bathroom decor remains incomplete without a toothbrush and toothpaste holder. It is one of the most important kids’ bathroom accessories, as it ensures proper storage, maximises space utilisation and teaches them to be organised.



You can make bath time a lot more interesting by including a printed bathrobe among your kid’s bathroom essentials. It is one of the most popular kids’ bathroom accessories and is quite useful too. Choose an angry bird print or one with your child’s favourite character from Frozen, and bath time is sure to become something they look forward to in no time!



Kids’ towels come in ultra-soft fabrics and quirky prints. Every child loves having their favourite cartoon and superhero characters on their bags and lunch boxes. And the best way to include this in their bath time is by getting them fun kids’ towels. While some of the most popular kids’ towels are those with prints of Frozen, Star Wars, Cars, and Angry Birds characters, you can find other popular designs too.

Bath Organiser

Bath Organizer

Quirky shapes and toys catch every kid’s attention, and a bath toy organiser is all you need in your bathroom to help them keep their toiletries in place. If your kids are young and they love playing with toys, hang a toy organiser on the wall. This provides them easy access to necessities, and the eye-catching design ensures they put them back in place.

Step Stools

step tools

One of the most functional kids’ bath accessories is a step stool, and it is a must for homes with small children. Not only does a step stool make it safer for children to access something placed on a higher level, but it also makes them feel confident and self sufficient.

These fresh and cute kids bathroom accessories can change the entire theme of your kid’s bathroom. Make bath time exciting by buying these functional and attractive bathroom accessories from the latest collection of bathroom accessories on Shopper Stop, online and in-stores.

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