July 26, 2020

Some kids love online school while others would rather do anything else but sit in front of a laptop. Whatever your kid may be like, as a parent, it can be an ordeal for you to get them to wear a uniform! But rules are rules and the best way to get them to wear their uniform and get into the mood for online classes is to embrace kids fashion by giving them fun bottoms and comfy shoes to go along with their school shirts and ties. Also, don’t forget to create a classroom environment within your home for your kids so that their study time is undisturbed and free of distractions.

Let’s start styling!

Breezy Bottoms for Her

Girls bottomwear

When your daughter has to sit in a chair for hours and hours, jeans are not the comfiest option and what better option for summer than a comfy pair of cotton shorts? If she’s likely to be in an air conditioned room all day, keep her cosy with a pair of track pants. If you want her to still feel like she’s in a classroom instead of the vicinity of your home, a plaid skirt is an easy option to keep her comfortable yet focused. 

Smart Casuals for Him

Kids fashion is all about comfort and functionality and a pair of cotton shorts in a soothing beige colour is the perfect neutral piece for pairing with his school uniform. Another option can be cargo pants which have a similar vibe but are a refined alternative. And if you’re trying to brighten up their Monday, go for a pair of bright solid coloured shorts!

Happy Feet for Her

If your little girl’s been parading around in flip flops, her online homeschool routine definitely calls for a fashion upgrade. A pair of muted gold sandals are neutral yet cute enough to make her look forward to dressing up for school. Alternatively, go for velcro closure sneakers for maximum comfort or lace-up sneakers if the schedule includes physical activity classes as well!

Break the Monotony for Him

A pair of casual slip ons are the best option for your son because they’re easy to change in and out of and comfortable enough to wear all day. But a pair of sliders can be a great choice for half days or relaxed weekends and if your kid is one of those energetic ones who just loves to move, he’ll love nothing more than a pair of canvas lace up sneakers with leather detailing. 


Minimal Accessories for Her 

When it comes to kids fashion, make things interesting for them and you’ll be their favourite person in the world. And what better way to battle midweek boredom than some glam accessories. Not too glam, of course, but a pair of diamante heart pins is just what you need to keep her hair in place. Swap those boring black hair ties with ones that have bows and add a fun watch to complete the look!

Statement Pieces for Him

If it’s one of those days when the classroom shifts to the bedroom and he refuses to wear his shoes, keep his feet warm and cosy with fun, printed socks in quirky stripes and patterns. Afterall, socks need not be boring greys and blacks anymore. Online classes can be tricky especially for younger kids.  Make sure he stays on track with his studies by managing time well. A cool digital or analogue watch, should make it  an easier task. 

Study Spaces

It’s probably not the best idea to let your children attend online homeschool from their beds or from in front of the TV. While kids styling plays an essential role in preparing them for school, it’s their space which makes all the impact and increases concentration. Keep them awake and hydrated with a sipper bottle and add an organiser to their desk to make sure all projects are in order. Give them a cool pen and a good quality notebook and you’ll be surprised by how excited they are for classes!

As  online classes become the new reality, kids’ styling plays a huge part in reminding your child that it’s still study time, after all. Creating an atmosphere for focused studying is super important to get them in the mood but that shouldn’t be hard if they’ve got a cool outfit to look forward to every day of the week! Head to Shoppers Stop to upgrade your child’s webcam school uniform today.

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