Kitchen Storage Tips
December 7, 2018

An organised kitchen does more than just look good. Kitchen storage ideas like sectioning spaces, adding shelves, and designating kitchen storage cabinets takes away the tedious parts of cooking and makes it much more convenient and enjoyable than we imagine.

If you think your kitchen needs a quick revamp, here’s a look at our list of storage ideas that will take your kitchen from drab to fab, both in terms of functionality and style!

Try A Walk-In Pantry To Utilize Space In Small Nooks

Try A Walk-In Pantry To Utilize Space In Small Nooks_Kitchen Storage Ideas


Many a times small nooks in the kitchen may seem like they have no use, but actually they do. Transforming them into a walk-in pantry is the next best thing to do. Add shelves or kitchen storage cabinets to fit the space. Next, stack your pantry essentials in order of their usage frequency. Store party crockery and vessels on the topmost shelves since they won’t be used that often. On the other hand, perishable items like tomatoes and other more often used items could be kept at arm’s reach.

Fix Cabinets In Specific Areas And As Per Their Utility

Fix Cabinets In Specific Areas And As Per Their Utility_Kitchen Storage Ideas


The right placement of kitchen storage cabinets can further increase the efficiency of your kitchen. For instance, your kitchen sink area may possibly have an unused space below. You can put it to good use by adding a simple storage section. The same applies to kitchen storage racks/cabinets for storing cooking pots. Fixing them adjacent to the cooking stove can facilitate more convenience when you’re out and about playing the Master Chef!

Try Right-Angled Drawers To Make Optimal Use Of Space

Try Right-Angled Drawers To Make Optimal Use Of Space_Kitchen Storage Ideas


If optimal usage of space is what you’re considering, there’s no way you should be leaving out the angles at your counter. You should certainly consider fitting them with right-angled kitchen storage cabinets. These storage spaces have a special advantage, mostly because of their increased depth (deeper than the standard drawers), which makes more room for adding some extra kitchen utility items!

Store Veggies In Cane Baskets To Keep Them Fresh For Longer

Store Veggies In Cane Baskets To Keep Them Fresh For Longer_Kitchen Storage Ideas


When it comes to storing veggies, we’re quick to toss ours in a regular kitchen storage rack. But did you know that keeping in open-weave baskets could actually make them last longer. This is particularly applicable to vegetables like onions and potatoes. To create a clutter-free look, opt for kitchen storage racks/cabinets with slots to insert these baskets. This arrangement will ensure that the cool, dark place shields the veggies from sunlight. Additionally, the ample ventilation will keep them dry, thus making them last long.

Try Glass Shelves Around Areas Like The Backsplash For A Clutter-Free Look

Try Glass Shelves Around Areas Like The Backsplash For A Clutter-Free Look_kitchen storage ideas


A true chef needs a lot of stuff in their kitchen, ranging from ingredients to pots and pan. Storing them all in an easily accessible way without visually cluttering your space can get tough. Not anymore though! Kitchen shelf organisers made of glass are a smart way to utilize areas like the backsplash and give your space a unique design aesthetic. If you’re concerned that the things you store on the shelves won’t go well with your kitchen design, try using the glass shelves as a storage space for glassware. Glassware will have a  bare minimum visual impact.

Add A Personalised Touch To Your Kitchen

Add A Personalised Touch To Your Kitchen_kitchen storage ideas


They say home is where the heart is and we believe the kitchen is the heartbeat. Utilizing your kitchen to display what’s close to your heart is a great way to personalize this central space. If you’re a connoisseur of wine, make space for a customized kitchen storage rack around the kitchen island to show off your precious collection. If you’re a tea lover, add shelves to display your hoarded teacups.

Transform your kitchen with our tips and hacks. Get started on a revamp by shopping online for kitchen shelf organisers, kitchen drawer organisers, and more!

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