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May 16, 2019

You’ve heard it several times before – beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. This also includes skin that is flawlessly layered with a glowing foundation over it. As a beauty beginner, you might have often admired celebrities and bloggers for their blemish-free skin.

While the key may be hydration, it is, more often than not, a trick called non-cakey makeup. These magical liquids have the power to mimic the texture of the skin, making it look evenly-toned while maintaining a natural look.

So, what is foundation makeup and how can you achieve this? From mixing bases to matching the right shades for your skin tone, here are some tips on how to apply foundation on your face with the masterstrokes of a pro.

Skincare Regime 


The secret to getting a smooth base to work on is prepping the skin for it. Rough, dry, and patchy skin will make an uneven base, no matter how good your foundation is or how well you blend it. Smoothen your face by washing and exfoliating it first.

Follow it up by using a light moisturiser and massage it till your skin absorbs it. Use a rich facial cream or face oil if you have dry and flaky skin. Primer is not a necessity for everyday blending but can be used by those with oily skin and open pores.

Pick & Blend Your Shade 


Now, you might be wondering how to apply foundation on your face without it coming across as ‘made up’. When it comes to non-cakey makeup, it is always an excellent option to read about what you are buying and testing whether it works for your skin tone.

The next step is an essential part of what foundation makeup is all about. It is the process of mixing, matching, and blending products to achieve a seamless look all year long.

With the varying and harsh Indian weather, your skin will be a shade darker in summers and lighter in winters. For a non-cakey makeup, take a drop of two combination foundations, blend them on the back of your hand and apply them on your jawline to test the look. Use it on your face only if it the foundation flawlessly smoothens out on your skin.



How to apply foundation on your face is one of the most looked up questions by beauty beginners. The best way to apply liquid foundation is first to dot concern areas with your finger. Dot your T-zone, cheeks and under eyes, then spread a small amount evenly across the face.

For an airbrush finish, the trick is to use a damp makeup sponge to diffuse the foundation evenly. Make sure the sponge is just damp and not soaking wet. Then lightly work the product onto your skin with the sponge for a flawless finish.

Powder It Up 

Powder It Up

The beauty of a foundation is in its versatility. Mix it with a highlighter for a dewy glow or add a drop of hydrating primer for a fresh look. To ensure your efforts last through the day, finish off your makeup with loose setting powder. Just lightly brush along your T-zone and oily areas to absorb the excess oil and keep your face looking fresh all day long.



Complete your flawless look with a spritz of light makeup spray. As you go through the day, use blotting paper or a spritz of toner to keep your makeup looking fresh and natural. Avoid using layers of foundation as cover-up through the day.

Lastly, always remember that with foundation, less is more. Keep it simple, fresh and natural all day long with these simple non-cakey makeup hacks. Get the best skin-care products under one roof at Shopper’s Stop, online and in-store.

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