June 22, 2018

Most of us love admiring the rain from a cozy nook by a window within our homes. You may even catch a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow! Everything seems just hunky-dory. But when it comes to stepping outdoors, you may not find this season as charming as you once thought.

At some point, you’ve go to dress up, get out the door and conquer the day. And you may have a set of clothes and shoes set aside for this season. But there’s one invisible accessory you need to liven up your outfit, and at the same time pep up your monsoon mood.

It’s perfumes! And not just any fragrance. You’ve got to spray on a scent that doesn’t fade away. So we’ve curated a list of long-lasting fragrances for men and women that won’t budge even when it’s raining cats and dogs!

Reveal-By-Calvin-Klein_Long-Lasting Perfumes For The Monsoons

Reveal By Calvin Klein – Let Reveal by Calvin Klein bring out the empress within you. Its spicy top notes of salt and pepper envelope you with an oriental aura. And as the smell of iris passes, the musk and sandalwood make an appearance, giving an ode to minimalism. This fresh perfume for women adds a spring to your step with its bright beach-day fragrance!

Bright-Crystal-By-Versace_Long-Lasting Perfumes For The Monsoons

Bright Crystal By Versace – Has it been a while since you’ve met up with your besties? And do you miss them terribly? Let the Bright Crystal by Versace help you fill that void. Its exotic floral notes, when combined with fruity ones, instantly refreshes your gloomy mood. Not too strong or bold, this delightful fragrance is an ideal monsoon perfume for everyday wear.

Womens-Classic-By-Burberry_Long-Lasting Perfumes For The Monsoons

Women’s Classic By Burberry – For the city-slicking girl, Burberry’s Women’s Classic gives you the confidence to take on the world by storm. A blend of top notes of peach and apricot, along with floral and woody hints, makes a perfume that defines today’s empowered woman. Just a whiff of this long-lasting fragrance adds a peppy spark to your day.

Acqua-Di-Gio-Essenza-By-Giorgio-Armani_Long-Lasting Perfumes For The Monsoons

Acqua Di Gio Essenza By Giorgio Armani – Get through a hectic day with the Acqua Di Gio Essenza by Giorgio Armani wrapping you in a fragrance that relaxes your senses! It is one of the finest perfumes in the long-lasting fragrance range for men. The sweet and salty notes, along with hints of spiciness and woodiness, is a top choice for this rainy season.

Brit-Rhythm-By-Burberry_Long-Lasting Perfumes For The Monsoons

Brit Rhythm By Burberry – Choicest spices and leather come together to form this very masculine fragrance – Brit Rhythm by Burberry. The sudden burst of woody fragrance re-energises you. Spray it on for your monsoon parties or date nights after work, and take on your evening with a refreshing long-lasting fragrance.

Euphoria-by-Calvin-Klein_Long-Lasting Perfumes For The Monsoons

Euphoria By Calvin Klein – Calvin Klein’s Euphoria is a classic men’s fragrance which is all you need to get rid of that rainy day laziness. Its notes of patchouli, ginger, pepper and suede gives you a sudden hit of liveliness. A small whiff goes a long way, keeping you fresh and bursting with confidence all day long.

Any outfit is incomplete without a perfume. So, to get ahead in your perfume game this monsoon, keep in mind that long-lasting fragrances are your best bet!

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