May 14, 2018

When school resumes after the term-end examination, it’s a time of unlimited joy for your little one. It indicates the beginning of a new academic year and the opportunity to bond with his school buddies, so expect your child to be as happy as you’d be on New Year’s day.  With new classrooms, glossy books, and funky school bags and of course, with new stationery, it’s the annual gala time for them.

But if you’re scratching your head, thinking of the school essentials he’ll need, don’t bother about making a mental note. Without further ado, here’s the only checklist which will come handy to make your purchases.

School Bags

School Bags_School Essentials For Kids

A school bag is your child’s permanent partner at school. Which makes it very important to find one that is practical, durable and of your kids’ choice of course! Going the gender-specific way for finding school bags for girls or school bags for boys is now passe hence bagpacks are also considered as a good options. Today, school bags are only differentiated by their capacity , ease of carrying and your child’s favourite colour or cartoon character.

Water Bottle

Water-Bottle_School Essentials For Kids

Long school days call for adequate hydration. It is of utmost importance to keep your child equipped with a water bottle when they are at school. The best kinds of bottles are the ones that do not leak, fit into the school bag and are pretty enough to catch your kids’ fancy. Spark their imagination with colourful bottles that sport their favourite cartoon characters or superhero.

Lunch Box

Lunch-Box_School Essentials For Kids

Lunchtime at school can easily become a nightmare for you and your child  if you do not have the right lunch box. Pack your kid’s lunch in a box that keeps the food fresh without any spillage and still fits compactly in the school bag. A lunch box with smart compartments to store nutritious fruits, veggies, and nuts is a must to make sure your little one is eating his vitamins!

Stationery Case

Stationery-Case_School Essentials For Kids

Don’t leave your child scrambling in their school bags to find erasers and sharpeners. Introduce them early on to the skill of organising by buying them a stationery pouch or box. Most sets of school bags for boys and school bags for girls are available with complementary pouches for easy storage.

Art Supplies

Arts-Supplies_School Essentials For Kids

Let your child discover his innate potential during his early years. Equip him with the right supplies to venture out into the field of their choosing. Be it sports supplies or essentials for physical education for the sporty ones or arts and crafts supplies for the budding artists;as a parent, it’s your job to help them unravel their inner strengths.

Gear up your kids for the new term ahead with these products. Start by getting school bags for girls or boys and fill them up with these essentials. Shop today!

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