June 2, 2016

Imagine meeting up with your college friends after years for a party… and getting to know your college crush is also going to be there. You sure want to look your best – so you pull out the most stunning outfit and the most expensive makeup you have. Suddenly you realize that your makeup brushes are missing. You use your fingers and cotton balls to apply the makeup, but you still don’t look your best.

Indeed, you can apply makeup with your fingers, with the little sponge brushes included in the eye shadow pack, or even with a cotton ball or Q-tip. But having a bunch of quality brushes is critical to any beauty routine.In other words, it’s time to move away from those foam wands in the many eye shadow compacts you may have.Investing in and utilizing the correct make-up brush and tools won’t just give you an impeccable look but also help you save some cash in the long run. How? Let’s put it this way, you’ll utilize less product and your cosmetic will last longer.

However, with gazillion types of brush shapes and materials, it can be hard to know which ones you really need.
Well,all you essentially need are 5 important brushes; foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip liner, that will take all the effort off your hands and fingers.

Most importantly, don’t forget to clean your brushes every other week. Use mild hand soap, or even your desired shampoo to do this. There you are, ready to create another prefect look. You can now consider yourself schooled in brushes. For more tools and brushes visit us here.


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