March 14, 2018

Makeup that suits your skin tone, may not necessarily match your undertones. Sounds confusing?

Look at your veins in daylight. If they look blue, you have cool undertones, and a greenish tint is the sign of warm undertones. If you can’t discern the colour, you most probably come under the neutral or olive bracket. Not many women consider their skin undertone while buying makeup and generally end up making wrong choices.

But we’ve got your back! Here’s a complete guide on how to choose foundation shades, lipsticks and eyeshadows to highlight your best features.

Warm-Tone_Makeup Shade As Per Your Skin Undertone


Warm Tone – Women with warm skin undertones have a yellowish tinge in their skin colour, and, so should the shade of their foundation. If you cannot figure out the foundation colour just by looking at it, check out the label; the description will usually include words like warm beige, golden and honey. If you have a warm undertone, lipsticks and eye-shadows with a slight tint of yellow or brown will look good on you.

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Cool-Tone_Makeup Shade As Per Your Skin Undertone


Cool Tone – Women with cool skin undertones tend to look best with a foundation that has a pinkish tinge to it. The label may include words like shell, fawn beige, and tan. Besides, lipsticks and eye-shadows with a pinkish or bluish base tend to complement them well.

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Neutral Tone_Makeup Shade As Per Your Skin Undertone


Neutral Tone – Women in this category tend to have more options as they can flaunt shades that are ideal for both cool and warm skin undertones. However, if you fall under this segment, choose a foundation that is neither too pink nor too yellow. Lipsticks and eye-shadows in both yellowish and pinkish tones will suit you.

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Olive Tone_Makeup Shade As Per Your Skin Undertone


Olive Tone – Women with olive skin tend to be a combination of all three skin undertones. If you qualify, your skin most likely comes across as bronzed with a mild greenish tinge to it. You can use foundations from all three categories but avoid shades that have too much of brown in them. The same colour basics apply for lipsticks and eye-shadows you pick.

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Simply choosing makeup for light brown skin or makeup for dark skin tones is not enough. You need to figure how to choose foundation shades, lipsticks, and eye shadows based on your skin undertones for that impeccable complexion. Shop now for products, which will help you achieve just that!

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