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June 4, 2016

Having a head of healthy hair is a dream for many. Between work, college and other things we often tend to forget to look after our precious hair. If you are a traveler, whether for business or for pleasure then looking after your hair is the last thing on your mind. However looking your best for those picture perfect photos is a must. Hectic schedules, meetings, or sightseeing may not give you enough time to look after your hair but that doesn’t mean you give up.


So here are few tips to take care of your hair on the go:

1) Get your hair styled before you set out on your journey. It will be easier to manage for at least 10 days.
2) Pack a scarf, swimming cap, shampoo, hair serum containing sunscreen to help protect your hair.
3) If you have to attend formal events, then carry herbal hair mascara, or “hair touch-up”.
Carry rollers or heating rod to style the hair yourself.

Shahnaz Husain’s DIY tips

1) Make your own hair rinse in your hotel room. Add a tea bag to 4-5 cups of warm water. Remove tea bag and cool. Then add lemon juice and use as a last rinse. This helps make the hair silky and shiny.
2) For dry hair, add lemon juice to beer and pour over the hair. Leave for five minutes and rinse off with plain water. For oily hair, add lemon juice to a mug of water and use as a last rinse.
3) When you have no time to shampoo, put a little eau de cologne on your brush and brush your hair.

Tips from Jannat Sethi, makeup artist and hair stylist

1) Don’t forget to carry conditioner when on the move. In fact just condition, instead of shampooing, if you have dry frizzy hair.
2) Braiding keeps hair out of the way while looking chic. Dutch it, French it or fishtail it, whatever you fancy.
3) If you can’t braid it, say hello to your old friend, Scrunchie. Tie your hair in a high bun, low bun or even just a pony.
4) A must for frizzy hair Is hari serum It smoothes the frizz and gives you more control.
5) Travelling or not, keep your hair hydrated. Drink lots of water as well as applying moisturizing serum.
6) Have to leave in a hurry and no time to style? Wear a cap and you are ready for the road.


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