Best Maternity Clothes
July 5, 2019

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of womanhood. The first two phases of pregnancy are also the time when you need to start considering the idea of including the best maternity clothes in your wardrobe. You’ll need to shop for special clothes as you start gaining weight and your baby bump becomes bigger.

The reality of maternity style today is far different from what it used to be. Maternity wear now spans the range of clothing styles and pregnant women now have more options than ever. You need to consider the best maternity clothes to wear, especially if you’re pregnant during the summers. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you do not have to look good.

Right from tops to t-shirts, ponchos to pants, dresses and shorts – there are a variety of different styles and designs to choose from. If you’re pregnant and looking for the latest in fashion for pregnant women, then you’re at the right place. Here are the best maternity clothes for you to consider this season.

Stylish Tops

If you love your t-shirts and would like to wear them during your pregnancy too, try maternity t-shirts for comfort. The round neck maternity tops come in soft colours, pastel shades and comfortable fabrics with lively floral designs that have a charm of their own. With these, you will stay cool even during warmer days. During the early stages of pregnancy, you can enjoy wearing normal t-shirts and tops, but as your baby bump starts to develop, it is better to move on to summer maternity clothes.

Frilled 3/4th sleeves or half sleeve tops are a perfect replacement for the regular maternity t-shirts. When it’s a bit too warm, you can wear your regular leggings with half-sleeved floral print tops to stay cool and stylish.

All-time Favourite- Dresses

Empire waist dresses and maternity dresses in neutral colours are a big favourite among expecting moms. These dresses for pregnant women are available in beautiful patterns, designs and colours. The dresses will make sure that you remain comfortable even when your waistline is expanding. These can be paired with a scarf and lovely a lovely pair of sandals to stay comfortable. Maternity dresses can be worn even during your last trimester.

Pants – Combination Of Style And Comfort

If you are looking for maternity clothes like loose fitting pants and bottom wear, then try comfy cotton pants which come in colours like deep grey and blue. The mid- waist design and stretch of the cotton makes it easier to walk around and doesn’t hurt your tummy at all. They are loose, and the hem ends just above the ankle to offer more flexibility.

Joggers For Those Exercise Days

Unless you are prescribed bed rest, it is always a good idea to stay active on your feet and partake in some light exercise to help with weight gain during your pregnancy. While choosing the best maternity clothes, make sure you include one or two pairs of joggers to wear with t-shirts or vests. You can also enjoy moderate jogging, aerobics and other exercises in Versatile fit joggers in stripes or prints.

The Perfect Shorts

When you are at home, and the weather is significantly warm, even cotton pants won’t be able to give you the comfort you need, but shorts definitely will. One of the most popular maternity clothes you could go in for are shorts. These shorts come in different sizes, and you can choose one according to your bump size. Going for lively floral prints would leave you feeling happy and cheerful throughout.

Be Comfortable In Pajamas

Dresses for pregnant women are plenty, but another favourite that tops the list is comfortable pyjamas. Pyjamas are the most comfortable piece of clothing that a pregnant woman could wear, especially during the last stage of pregnancy. Right from the material used to the pattern and design – pyjamas are made keeping comfort in mind. Wear these pyjamas for those lazy summer days and never feel the summer heat at all.

Feel The Comfort With Gowns And Night Dress

To enjoy comfortable nights during pregnancy, it is always better to choose maternity gowns and nighties rather than maternity t-shirts. If you want a full-length gown, go for the v-neck cotton gown that is not only lightweight but also soft on the skin. Considered as one of the best maternity clothes, these gowns are really useful during nursing and your prenatal period.

Ponchos To Keep The Bump Less Obvious

Maternity t-shirts are great, but sometimes it could be quite a task to iron them crisp. Well, don’t worry, as there are ponchos to cover your crumpled t-shirts. Call it fashion or an effective way to hide a shabby looking t-shirt; ponchos work excellently for every woman. Whether it’s to keep you warm when the AC is running or to make you look presentable for work, ponchos are the convenient and stylish way to go!

Cardigans To Keep You Warm – Just In Case!

You might not need cardigans in summer, but if it is particularly cold in your office, you would definitely need one. Loose fitting maternity cardigans are perfect when you feel a nip in the air. Just wear it over a sleeveless spaghetti top or a t-shirt, and you’re all warmed up! Cardigans are available in dark and light shades and also come in a variety of styles and designs. The best thing about cardigans is that they are very comfortable and you can simply throw them on whenever you feel like it.

Apart from these, you should also invest in proper lingerie like the hipster briefs with high waist designs that are made from cotton spandex. Properly stitched and seamed, the briefs will last throughout your pregnancy period. Maternity bras are also must-haves for expectant and new mothers as they provide the necessary support. No matter what you’re looking for, shop at Shopper’s Stop for the best dresses for pregnant women and show off that baby bump in style!

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