June 28, 2018

Formal pants for men are often not given enough credit as opposed to blazers and shirts. But so great is the importance of a pair of good trousers that it could be a deal breaker if you picked an ill-fitting one!

While the search for the perfect formal trousers for men is a task, let us introduce you to a variety of options that will make dressing to work so much easier.

And yes, formal trousers for men can be stylish too! Leave those plain black formal pants, it is the time to upgrade your workwear wardrobe collection with these fashion-forward picks.

The Pleated Pant_Men's Workwear Pants

The Pleated Pant – Pleated pants mark the return of the 90s trend. But the modern version of these formal pants style for men are a fresher take on the older style; less baggy and slimmer in appearance. If you’re the trend spotter, there’s no way you should be leaving this one out. Throw in a belt and a crisp shirt to the mix to sort your weekday looks!

The Pair Of Chinos_Men's Workwear Pants

The Pair Of Chinos – On days when you’re confused about keeping it formal or not, your answer lies in a pair of chinos. It’s the millennial man’s most preferred formal pant style. You could blame it on the comfort or the nearly endless colour range! It can easily draw the line between skinny and baggy and a well-fitted look is something you won’t have to worry about. Neutrals like black, beige, and navy are your best bet if you want to play it safe, especially from Monday-Thursday! Since chinos are generally solid and devoid of textured designs, you could experiment with top wear styles like regular solid shirts, slub shirts, and printed shirts.

The Flat-Front-Pant_Men's Workwear Pants

The Flat Front Pant – Not every man is a fan of pleated pants. Particularly if you do your own laundry and hate ironing out those pleats! One of the most preferred men’s formal pants types is the flat front or slim fit pants. They feature a neatly tailored finish and their slim construction lends to the illusion of a taller, leaner frame. These are a must-have for that fuss-free business look.

The-Dress-Pant_Men's Workwear Pants

The Dress Pant – A corporate environment demands a crisp, formal look. And if you plan to go beyond the regular shirt and trousers look by wearing a complete suit, a dress pant is a must. These generally feature a slick front pleat that runs through the centre. For the ultimate office-oriented look, keep a pair handy for those business meetings and presentations. Dress pants can be worn without the blazer too. Either way, stick to neutral tones like navy blue, black, and grey. If you like pleated trousers, opt for a dress pant featuring minimal pleats.

The Checkered Trouser_Men's Workwear Pants

The Checkered Trouser – Keep it classic in checks. Why just limit the timeless print to your off-duty flannel shirts? Wear them in true-corporate style with trousers featuring well-knit fabrics and sophisticated colours like navy, grey, and ebony. Your best bet for a weekday is a grey checkered trouser paired with a crisp white shirt. And if you’re feeling experimental on a Friday, flaunt the print on print look with a checkered top and bottom ensemble!

Discover the countless types of formal pants for men that are more defined, with neater cuts, pleats, and a sophisticated colour palette. Time to upgrade your work wear wardrobe now!

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