October 21, 2016

Men’s skincare is picking up and how! Gone are the days when men didn’t care much about what products they used and how their skin felt, now even they need some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Keeping in mind the growing aspirations of men, Kaya has introduced the ‘RegiMen’ range, specially designed for men, as a one-stop-solution to all their grooming needs. Read on to find out more about this amazing range:


The Multi-Action Revitalizing Cream by Kaya is a light textured cream best suited for men with pre-mature ageing concerns. It is enriched with Proteasyl-Botanical Complex which fights signs of ageing and helps reduce appearance of fine lines. The ingredients are a combination of Vitamin B3 & E and Imperata Cylindrica which work on the skin to ensure even skin tone and long lasting hydration.

Regular usage of the cream improves skin elasticity and firmness and also shields the skin from UVA/UVB with its SPF18 protection.

Priced at INR 790/- for a 50 ml pack


The Skin Energizing Cream by Kaya is suitable for all skin types. Powered with multi-mineral actives such as Magnesium, Copper and Zinc, this energizing cream restores vitality of dull skin. It helps stimulate cell renewal by reducing the effects of environmental stress. Imperata Cylindrica ensures rich moisturisation while Vitamin E acts an as anti-oxidant which recharges the skin.

Regular usage restores the freshness of dull fatigued skin and strengthens skin defense by providing UV protection.

Priced at INR 590/- for a 50 ml pack


Men tend to have skin that is rougher and prone to oiliness. Exposure to environmental factors make it further greasy, tanned and prone to acne. The Kaya Tri-active Oil-control cleanser by Kaya consists of Mineral cocktail and Bamboo extract which energizes dull skin and helps soothe skin post shaving. The ingredients are a combination of Salicylic acid, which controls oiliness giving a matte look and Niacinamide, a potent whitening active that removes tan, making the skin brighter and even toned.

Regular usage of the cream also recharges tired and dull skin.

Priced at INR 350/- for a 100 ml pack


Enriched with Witch Hazel Extract that has anti-septic properties, the Kaya Skin Relief After-Shave Gel is an alcohol-free gel that soothes cuts and abraded skin post shaving. Its unique blend of actives hydrates the skin leaving a soothing, cooling effect on the skin. This non-greasy gel is quickly absorbed by the skin and instantly refreshes and relaxes the skin.

Priced at INR 400/- for a 100ml pack

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